Weekend Reading, Nov. 30 – Dec. 2

As always, here is some great reading I stumbled upon over the weekend.

  • Dissecting the 2008 Presidential Logos: The New York Times critiqued the logos of the major players in the race. Pretty interesting, and pretty sad how many of them look very similar.
  • “Dying” to be the market leader: In a continuation on his ‘shades of grey’ commentary, Ubereye tells a story of a business that understands how to stick out in a busy, jam-packed market. I thought their idea was simply brilliant.
  • Shopocalypse Now: Here’s a great article from Sunday’s Dallas Morning News that argues that atheisim and the like is not the real enemy of Christmas for Christians, but commercialism is.
  • 5 myths about art and genius: Another article in the Morning News. Interesting to read how some of the geniuses of our times have not really done anything to warrant such a moniker until after their 50th birthday.
  • Starbucks: Because and Affect: Don’t know if you’ve heard, but Starbucks is launching TV ads this season. Which is causing quite a stir, since they’ve been celebrated in year’s past for not doing that. But does it matter? This post is an excellent back-to-earth commentary on what’s going on.
  • Out of Luck: I found this take on forgiveness at John’s Blog revealing and refreshing. Not only is forgiveness that right thing to do, but it’s also a commandment.

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