No More New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions never work. Here’s why:

  • Hope springs eternal – there’s something about the spirit of the new year that gets us all thinking we need to be more disciplined, yadda, yadda, yadda. But it doesn’t stick.
  • A year is too long – It’s hard enough for me to commit to doing something this weekend, let alone something for a whole year. Plus, you have to wait a year to feel good about accomplishing your goals.
  • The resolutions are too hard –  Given that most of us make resolutions to either lose weight or save money, our resolutions are usually too far-fetched to be realistic.
  • Our habits are too hard to break – For whatever reason, we’ve gotten stuck doing what we now don’t want to do. And that process has taken time. However, when we think we have a year to deal with it, we rarely hit this bad habit head-on, and our resolve just fizzles.
  • Resolutions are a trend – Admit it: if it wasn’t expected to set New Year’s Resolutions, would you still do it? Most of us are never really resolved, just obligated.

So, I’m not setting any New Year’s Resolutions in 2008. I’ve actually got a better idea, which I’ll share later this week. I think it will work. In the meantime, what’s your take on resolutions?


6 responses to “No More New Year’s Resolutions

  1. 2008 resolutions….

    Meet my friend Brett once a month to stay in touch

    Buy a motorcycle and drive it to work at least 2 day per week at least 30 weeks out of the year.

    Punch someone in the face

    make it to 175lb with less than 10% body fat

    Read at least a chapter of the NT every weekday

    tell my wife I love her every day

    keep up with friends better…

  2. Harris – Please combine the resolutions meeting your friend Brett for lunch with punching someone in the face. So punching Brett in the face once a month at lunch.. what better way to stay in touch?

  3. Harris – I’m quite impressed that you’re this far ahead. I’m looking forward to seeing who gets the punch in the face, and I’m glad to see it is NOT linked with having breakfast with me.

    However, I can arrange a meeting between you and CWD . . . .

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  5. My resolution is to put on a heap of weight. Every time I’ve resolved to lose weight, I’ve ended up stacking on more. So maybe a bit of the old reverse psychology will do the trick next year.

    PS – I like JH’s resolution to punch someone in the face. Will this be a random attack? Or an attack on someone who’s been asking for a smack for a while? Or will it be a spur of the moment response to a piece of particularly bad service?

  6. I’m just thinking, it would be fun to punch someone in the face. I have not done that since I was in elementary school.

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