25,000 Views and Counting . . .

Just a quick note to thank you for owning at least one set of the 25,000 pairs of eyeballs that have taken a look at Brett’s Blog since its inception on January 19 of this year. Blogging has most definitely been way more fun, entertaining and educational than I thought it would be, so here’s to another 25k.

Thanks –



8 responses to “25,000 Views and Counting . . .

  1. quit your bragging

  2. Congrats Brett.

    I logged up my own 10k today too.

  3. Sinbad – get over it.

    Bruce – That’s awesome. You and I have pretty much been on the same track figuring this stuff out.

  4. Its really cool that I know someone famous now. Can we still be friends?

  5. however do you end up with so many hits? is it just through word of mouth or have you given your blog some sort of publicity? I’ve just always wondered (with envy) how people do this.

  6. Superman – who are you again?

    Kayla – first, I guess “lots of traffic” is in the eye of the beholder, cuz there are lots of folks out there that get way more than I do, and I really want to get to that point myself.

    There are lots of reasons I can point to that help with the traffic, and maybe I’ll respond with a post on that. But overall, I think it’s just consistency in posting (especially at the beginning), and sticking to a common theme most of the time.

    Anyone else have ideas?

  7. Congratulations Oh Blog Guru! Keep ’em comin’ and we’ll be there. My humble effort just crossed 19,500 and I was thrilled with that. Now you shame me.

    Great job! and many thanks

  8. How can you tell that everyone viewing your blog has two eyes? Haven’t you heard of one-eyed people?

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