Image Tags Matter

I’ve recently had a bit of a spike in my blog traffic lately, and much of it has to do with the images I’ve used in recent posts.

Image Results on Google

As you can see, I was at first confused as to why I was all of a sudden receiving so many searches for the keyword “geek.” Many thought it had somethng to do with the TV Show “Beauty and the Geek,” but as the Geek Google Searchee posted in the comments, it was just a matter of Google ranking me highly for geek images.

The trend with other images has continued, as you can see below. I’m on the first page of Google Images search results for the bolded keywords.

Granted, most of this traffic amounts to nothing. The person looking for the image never reads a word on my blog. But it helps boost traffic, all the same.

Are you tagging your images properly? Are you naming them according to a certain keyword on your page? It’s the little things like this that make all the difference.


4 responses to “Image Tags Matter

  1. If it’s all about the hits, then you should name your dog Sex, and post of a picture of him/her.. tagged properly of course.

    I still think the recent picture of you above with your black rimmed glasses shows off what a great smile you have.

  2. CWD – good idea. Or maybe Paris Hilton or Linsay Lohan. Or Sinbad.

    Moth1 – I’m feeling ya. Enjoy the rest of the week. Heheheheheheee.

  3. I noticed increased traffic as well to my site with the images for Stevie Ray and for the trade show booths.

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