You Have To Solve Problems

We all have our complaints about our jobs.

This process takes too long; I’m always the last one to know anything around here; No one knows what they’re doing up there; Why do we have 3 different logoes; Management never shares their vision with us. Blah, blah, blah.

Work is hard. And crazy. And it’s pretty much universal, even though we always seem to think that our company is the only one this insane. Trust me, having started a new job about 4 months ago, I can tell you there are idiots everywhere.

And there are problems everywhere.

In fact, the whole reason a business is in business is to solve problems. The whole reason people pay your company money is to solve a problem. The whole reason you’ve been hired is to solve problems in a specific area. The people that are most respected in your office are the ones who solve problems.

So stop being so surprised that there are problems where you work. All the glory, the money, the promotions, the kudos and the fun go to the person who can solve the problems.

The Secret to Business Success: Go pick a problem and solve it. Then repeat.


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