Become a ‘Thought Partner’ on Brett’s Blog

Just when I thought the most ridiculous corporate speak at been reached with “thought  leadership” and “functional silos,” Bruce unveils this treasure:

‘Thought Partners’

Read his post, then come back here, knowing I have given you an official invitation to be a thought partner on Brett’s Blog. Cuz I can’t think on my own. We’re also hiring Thought Junior Executives who one day want to reach Partner, so you’re welcome to join in, too.

Why can’t we just talk normal at work?


6 responses to “Become a ‘Thought Partner’ on Brett’s Blog

  1. I offer my services as a half thought partner cause my ideas are usually half baked anyway. BTW two other great new terms are thought shower for brain storm and deferred success for failure. Ah language, what have marketeers done to ye?

  2. Oh, so this is the marketers’ fault?!? Obviously only those too bored cuz of their deferred success.

  3. i would always tell my students they had a brain fart when the said something stupid. then i pointed out why it was stupid. then they’re eyes would leak. i dunno why.

  4. Maybe “brain fart” should evolve into “brain gas” or “mental flatulence.”

  5. I hate the phrase “thought leadership” and am attempting to change that to be something that seems more inclusive and organic…like “conversation”.

  6. Good look on the change. I can’t believe the phrase was ever accepted – how can you not laugh when someone let’s you know they appreciate your “thought leadership.”

    But tell me, how do you see “conversation” making it any better?

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