I Hate Trade Shows

. . . . but they are a necessary evil.

To the extreme minority who keep up with this blog regularly, I apologize for being MIA the last week and a half. I’m currently in Orlando at my third trade show in 2 weeks. Since last Sunday, I’ve been to Chicago, Orlando, then back to Orlando.

So, I have lots of hot opinions on trade shows, and will be posting a series on the topic over the next 2 weeks.

In the meantime, click on my blogroll in the right nav and check out the folks I love reading.

11 responses to “I Hate Trade Shows

  1. Brett,

    Its good to hear you’re still alive and kicking. Have fun in sunny Orlando!

  2. Trade shows, I guess it depends on the trade…

  3. . . . . or maybe it depends on the show.

  4. . . . . .or maybe not. chew on that one for a while!

  5. Com’on Brett – don’t tell me that tradeshows featuring giant animated pests and “guess how many mosquito bites” aren’t a barrel of laughs. Bet you get lots of interesting samples.

  6. I once knew a guy who drove a box van filled with swords from Georgia to Las Vegas for a sword tradeshow.

  7. Couv – thank you for your thought-provoking comment.

    Zerosix – Yes, the whole “guess which mosquito has West Nile” game got old quick.

    CWD – I think that same person drove cross-country to Dallas, too. And will be in a neighborhood near you very soon.

  8. All I know is I didn’t get a souvenir.

  9. We have all been waiting for nearly a year now for another comment from Ms. April. Finally. Thank you, and please speak out more often.. you always have things to say that we want to hear.

    Brett, couldn’t you at least gotten a t-shirt? Or a new style of box? or a key chain from the airport?

  10. Most disappointing

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