Weekend Reading, Oct. 12-14

Countless great posts over the past week. Enjoy.

  • Unschedule Your Life: Life Clever lists out some highlights of the book The Now Habit. Haven’t read the book, but this concept makes sense: Schedule the fun stuff that’s important in your life, and make your “work” work around it.
  • Swastikas and the U.S. Navy: This isn’t good. You’ve gotta see the picture and click the link over to the article to understand.
  • Real Freedom?: Never have read Scott Adam’s Dilbert Blog before, but I will from now on. This is thought-provoking, and I don’t know exactly where I stand on it. But I like it.
  • Everything’s a Nail: Heard the one about the old lady taking a hammer to the Comcast people due to their customer service?
  • Halloween Marketing? Here’s great, practical ideas on making the most of the season for small businesses. Who knew pumpkin carving might be the best promotion of them all?
  • Brett Favre – Every Grandpa’s Role Model: Noticed what Brett Favre has been endorsing in commercials lately? It’s not Geritol, but it’s close.

2 responses to “Weekend Reading, Oct. 12-14

  1. Kentucky 43 – LS WHO 37.

  2. the Dilbert blog is a great example of why the internet is so great! I love the fact that any idiot (present company excluded) can write a blog and seem just as legitimate (at least on the surface) as any other news agency.

    That fool, talks about “freedom of speech” as though, in order to have true freedom, someone (I suspect his angst is directed – indirectly – at “the government” as some kind of conspiracy group) has to ensure that everyone will listen.

    We have freedom of speech, we do not have freedom of listening. People tend to get that wrong all the time, particularly when you want to be popular and no one will listen to you.

    The free market is a beautiful thing, and it works.

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