Leadership and Christianity?

I was shocked today to find so many posts under the WordPress tag “Leadership” that also dealt with Christianity, the church and spiritual issues. It’s encouraging, really. But not expected.

I have no  real observations, other than this: Are churches today preaching more about leadership in life? Or is this simply a ripple from the more motivational sermons that seem common in today’s churches? And is it a good or bad thing? Or are Christians simply starving for earthly leadership to the point that it’s often on their mind?

p.s. The posts under this tag could easily change within an hour, so just trust me that a lot of it was spiritual in content.


4 responses to “Leadership and Christianity?

  1. I think sometimes, just sometimes, it’s easier to find people who want to learn about “leadership” as a means of becoming an important person. True leadership would be servant leadership (but you know that you DBU guy) and sometimes a lot of “leadership stuff” is more about skills to get people to follow you rather than how to serve people and inspire them to follow Christ. But, who knows…

  2. I definitely agree. Our culture celebrates the leader, and that can often be confused for “important.”

  3. watz up wat u doing this weekn gurl y n da hell u aint call me????

  4. hey, we will survive…. 😀 :G >P

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