The 100 Most Influential Folks in Sports

Thanks to Magnosticism for finding this little pearl.

Seems as though BusinessWeek and ESPN Magazine got together and put together a list of the “Sports Power 100 List,” a grouping of the most influential people in sports. Some notables:

#11 = Michael Jordan: Amazing that’s he’s still this influential, ranking right behind mostly commissioners.

#12 = Scott Boars: The “Baseball AntiChrist,” representing everything that’s gone wrong with the game.

#17 = David Beckham: Imagine how influential he’d be if he actually played soccer. Regardless, he’s definitely bigger than the Spice Girls.

#50 = Mark Cuban: I personally think he should be higher. I guess they’re waiting to see how well he dances this year. Or maybe buy the Cubs.

#53 = Jerry Jones: Another Dallas owner that should be higher. I don’t really like him, but you can’t deny he’s changed business in the NFL, and continues to do so (just watch this scary Papa John’s commercial).


5 responses to “The 100 Most Influential Folks in Sports

  1. Dale Jr. should definitely be listed ahead of Peyton Manning (even though I am personally a bigger Manning fan), and the WNBA president should not even be a job.

  2. Dale Jr. is getting close to being the Anna Kornikova of NASCAR – lots of publicity, but not many skins on the wall.

    No way he should be ahead of Peyton.

  3. Take a small dive into NASCAR land, and there is no comparision to how much more POWERFUL Jr. is than Peyton Manning. Somewhat of a decent comp to Anna, but she hits about 1% of the people versus Jr.’s 25% +. Take a look around – do you see people wearing Anna hats and dangly earrings in support of her, or do you see the #8 Bud gear more? Coast to coast the #18 Peyton jersey is a scarce commodity outside of Indy and Tennessee.

    Jr. doesn’t have many trophies on the wall, but he holds much POWER. Not saying that I like it or agree with it, but it’s just Fact. And Peyton FINALLY got a ring to wear, so not very many more skins on his wall.

  4. The difference in Anna and Jr. is that Anna made a bunch of people watch Tennis that wouldn’t have otherwise. Although I guess it could be debated whether they were watching tennis or her. Anna was popular with people who were far from Tennis. Jr. is popular with the already existing Nascar fan base.

  5. CWD – I admittedly might be selling Jr. short, but you are definitely selling Peyton short.

    First, I don’t think a Super Bowl ring is the only skin. Peyton’s got wins, and MVPs, and all that.

    Second, I don’t think how many people sport the jersey or number = Power. Peyton is the most marketable player in the most popular sport in the nation. Just look at how many commercials he’s in.

    Third, his reach is far beyond Indy and Tennessee.

    Your case for Jr. is strong, but so is mine for Peyton.

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