Strength in Revision

It’s not too often that you see a designer really take major changes to a design, or better, direction, and really answer the challenge.

Thanks to Dennis for pointing the way to Brand New. This post discusses how VSA Partners designed a great logo for Chicago’s big for the 2016 . . . then had the rules completely changed on them and had to almost start from scratch. The result? Something even better.

Designers love to complain when direction changes. I don’t blame them. It’s frustrating, time-consuming and can suck the wind right out of you. But it’s the process. I think most designers would admit that it happens more times than it doesn’t. And while there are tons of reasons for it happening, the fact remains it is the rule, not the exception.

But sometimes, running free creatively within very rigid, even unreasonable, boundaries can be amazingly fruitful.


4 responses to “Strength in Revision

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  3. Very good site. Thank you:-)

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