Smiles and Nods

The Confused SmileNeil tells a story of miscommunication on Brass Rings that got me thinking.

Communication is a funny thing. There are times that I have a very clear, succinct idea in my mind, and I express it by rambling and spouting thoughts mid-sentence and all kinds of incoherent nonsense. And I normally get nothing but smiles and nods back in return. My wife calls me on it all the time (without smiling or nodding).

Then there are other times that I know I communicate the way I want to. I cover the points, I emphasize correctly – everything. And my audience still doesn’t get it.

So what does it mean? I have no idea, except this:

  • There are too many variables in communication (including my mouth and your ears) to think it’s ever received the way it’s intended to be, and . . .
  • There is no substitute for repetition, cuz regardless of how the first experience went, somebody didn’t get.

Now read this post again, just so I know you’re getting it.


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