Regulatory Affairs and Marketing

The small print means nothing.

If there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that no one reads the small print.FDA Cartoon

But when they do, they still don’t really care what it says. Because we have grown numb to the warnings that so many government agencies have made mandatory.

Think about it: when you see that a product contains an ingredient that the state of California deems as harmful or causes birth defects, don’t you normally just make fun of the granolas in California rather than think much of the warning?

When you hear a commercial on TV for a pharmaceutical, don’t you just laugh when they start rolling through all the possible side effects?

And yet, we as marketers often fight tooth and nail for certain claims, cussing the institution that ever said a supplement can’t treat a disease, or that an insecticide can be “botanical” but not “natural.”

Keep fighting, but don’t fret the ones you lose. Thanks to the over-saturation of governmental warnings on products today, nobody really thinks much higher of them than you do.


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