What’s the Deal with “Geek” Search?

My Blog has received well over 100 views in the past 3 days from people searching “Geek” images. This previous blog post is where is sends them.

Can anyone tell me why the sudden popularity in Geek pictures?


12 responses to “What’s the Deal with “Geek” Search?

  1. Maybe the show “Beauty and the Geek”. Its new season premiered a few days ago, and yes, I watched it…

  2. Free the Jena 6.

  3. Few4 – I am disappointed.

    Does the Jena 6 replace the West Memphis 3 now?

  4. Rate of probability, Im one of those that stumbled across your page, I did a google Geek image search, in need of a idea of what represents a geek visually.

    Somehow, your pagerank for images is in position number one.

  5. Geek Google – thanks – I had no idea people searched for geek that much.

  6. No, its not a popular search term, put how many people use google, how many searches does google do a day, Billions, out of those billions, is it unlikely that a few of them will be a keyword like “Geek”.

    And no, its Geek Google Image where your listed in spot #1.

    for fun, how do you define a geek, and how do you define a nerd.

    Oh, and is that picture really you?

  7. Come on Brett, you got me curious, andsee me quest-orne.

    Btw, my reason for searching geek is because I’ve started a business with the word Geek in its title.

  8. OK, here’s a try . . . .

    Geek and nerd are essentially the same kind of person, but I think the main differences might come in their own personal hygeine. Both are brainiacs, both are mavens, but geeks might be a little sloppy in appearance, and nerds seem to be very anal.

    Your turn.

    Good luck with your Geek business. Got a link?

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  10. Geek Google Searchee

    I do know wikipedia has a article dedicated to the question, but information retention for me depends on quality of subject, hence I forget the answer.

    Business name http://www.[dr]geek.(com).au

    Remove brackets, don’t want no page ranking for my business name to go to you now 🙂

  11. Geek Google Searchee – I have no idea what that means.

    Thanks for the sneaky link.

  12. I have been attempting to find the original source of that photo. Could you give me any information on where you found it?

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