Love Thy Customer

The way you feel about your customers says a lot about how you feel about your current niche. Simplicity Rules says it much better than I can here.

It’s easy to think your clients don’t know what’s hip, what’s acceptable, what’s “real” design, what’s “real” marketing.

It’s easy to think down on them for not knowing these things.

But that’s a bad move, cuz they’ve asked you to help them figure it out. That doesn’t mean they’re just going to hand over the keys to the mansion and sit back and watch. Too many design firms and consultants think that’s what will happen.

But it won’t. And because it won’t, maybe part of your job is to hold their hand and guide them in the direction you think they should go. Gradually, and incrementally.

Maybe along the way, you’ll learn a thing or two about them, too.


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