Be Your Own Consultant

Here’s a fact: no matter how great an idea, we can all get a little overwhelmed, whipped or both with the implementation of our strategies.  Regardless of how much you enjoy your work, the little details to pull of your great ideas will get to you eventually, at least from time to time.

And it’s in this spirit of human nature that we often let the little troubles of what we have to do sideline the meaningful things that we know we should do.

In other words, if you weren’t the person who actually had to implement your own ideas, you’d probably have some really great ones out there.

Instead, we too often settle for mediocrity.

So here’s a solution: Be your own consultant.

In the office, consultants often get a bad rap because they come in, give their opinions and advice, and then let everyone else actually implement it. As jealous and/or frustrated as the regular employees get about it, the consultants are actually doing what they’re hired to do. Consultants are hired to help clarify what the normal employees need to do. They bring perspective.

Now, if you can do that with yourself, and somehow turn off your operational mind on why the great ideas you come up with won’t work, or your project management persona that demands an extensive timeline with weeks and weeks of contigencies, then you might actually get somewhere.

Go ahead – hire yourself as a consultant. If you were a consultant for someone in your position, what would you suggest they do? Map it out for them.

Then, when that’s over, go do it. It’s a lot better than letting someone else tell you what to do, and it’s a great way of nipping your tried and true excuses in the bud.


2 responses to “Be Your Own Consultant

  1. I would like to hire myself as a consultant, but I do not pay that well, and I expect a lot of money, so I cannot afford myself.

  2. CWD – Possibly you as consultant could do some pro bono work, and then you as employee could still be pretty cheap.

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