Are the Questions Better Than the Answers?

You don’t need to know all the answers. In fact, you’ll be better off if you don’t. You need to know the questions. 

It’s rare for the person with the answers to just speak up. But if you know the questions to ask, you can prompt the people with the answers to share them with everyone else. And when they speak up, you know what to do, and they feel empowered. 

The questions reveal the plan and process and people you need to move your idea forward. And since no one will ever have all the answers, it’s makes much more since to try to know all the questions.  


7 responses to “Are the Questions Better Than the Answers?

  1. I’m always ready to trade one new question, for ten old answers.

    I like my odds for finding out something I didn’t know.

  2. So are the questions better?

  3. I was always impressed that the media hammered Bob Dylan with questions, yet he fed them gobbledygook and wouldn’t tell them anything. Thus, he was able to live and raise a family in relative normality.

    When the media griped that he was being uncooperative, not answering their questions, he disagreed, and observed that they were simply asking the wrong questions.

  4. Bob Dylan – possibly one of the wisest men of our era, yes?

  5. Would I call him wise? Not sure. Maybe.

    But he certainly is his own person & doesn’t let people catergorize him. He’s a real poet, and he seems to be a fundamentally decent and unpretentious person.

    I discovered him rather late in life. All the kids in college were playing Highway 61, but for some reason I didn’t like it, or him as a musician. Rediscovered him in my late 40’s, I now like what I didn’t like before (go figure) and have branched out to admire most of his work.

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