My 5 Favorite Posts on Brett’s Blog

Call it narcissistic. Call it only-child syndrome. Call it a cheap way to get more views. But, I thought it might not be too pathetic for me to list my personal favorite posts on my blog since its inception. Ironically, they aren’t your favorite posts, according to my stats, so you probably haven’t read them anyway. If you can’t enjoy what you spend so much time doing, why do it, right?

In fact, why don’t you do the same? And leave a comment here so we can find it. And trackback to here so we can all get it in the action.

My favorite blog posts to date:

  1. Branding is “the difference”
  2. 7 Reasons Not to be Risky
  3. Naturally 7 Subway Video
  4. Supply is the New Demand
  5. Return on Attention
  6. Bonus – couldn’t help but add this one onStinky Hands

One response to “My 5 Favorite Posts on Brett’s Blog

  1. My favorite is Top 50 Movie Lines of All Time. Let’s see more of the “top lists” that are your faves.

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