The 10 Most “Robust” Words in Marketing Today

Cutting Edge AdvertisingDavid Meerman Scott has identified what he calls the top 10 “Gobbledygook” phrases used in press releases today. His entire manifesto is quite entertaining and informative, but I thought the top words would be worth a mention here.

How many are using on a regular basis?

  1. “Next generation”
  2. “Flexible”
  3. “Robust”
  4. “World-class”
  5. “Scalable”
  6. “Easy to use”
  7. “Cutting edge”
  8. “Well-positioned”
  9. “Mission-critical”
  10. “Market-leading”

Honorable Mention: “groundbreaking”

I’m guilty; are you?

5 responses to “The 10 Most “Robust” Words in Marketing Today

  1. Hey Brett,

    I’m guilty too now and then. But am more aware of these words than ever. I’m also a journalist and when I receive email pitches and press releases with these phrases liberally scattered about, I can only assume that the PR people or the company do not know how their products and services solve problems for customers.

    Cheers, David

  2. David – Good point on how using those words are often times a cop-out not either not figuring out what really makes your product different, or not developing a product that’s different in the first place.

    Congrats on the manifesto, and the new book. I’m going to have to read it now.

  3. Hi Brett,

    Good points. I have a hit list that I keep at my desk of what not to use. These words are so overused that I think the buying public has become numb to their marketing influence. You can also add “intuitive” and “comprehensive.” I think that we, as marketers, need to understand that if we are not thinking about what we are writing…neither will our readers!

  4. True – what good is it to write words that your market is numb to?

    More words to add:
    – Revolutionary
    – state-of-the-art
    – Ground-breaking

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