If Your Business Had a Tag Cloud . . . .

Tag CloudTag clouds are pretty cool. And they’re pretty telling about whatever it is they’re describing.

A tag cloud basically takes all the tags (or categories) you write about and then represents the number of posts under that tag by the size of the font. Looking at my tag cloud, it’s clearly about marketing, followed by business and blogging and then a bunch of other stuff. You know what this blog is at its bullseye within 1 second, and within 10 seconds, you probably know more about what interests me than most of my friends and family.

What if you’re business had a tag cloud? What if the size of font was based on the number of actions under a certain category? Or budget? Or product? Could people look at your businesses tag cloud and know within a second what you’re wanting them to know? Or would your actions and budget dictate a larger font in an area that you haven’t strategically identified as important?

What would prospects and customers notice first?


One response to “If Your Business Had a Tag Cloud . . . .

  1. I loved your insights on Tagclouds. It’s a great metaphor to find your true focus and not just the one that you claim to have. It is also a great way to see if others can find your foucs.

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