Battle of the Grocery Store Websites

I was browsing grocery store websites, and I was shocked by the differences between the Kroger website and the Albertson’s website. One of these looks a lot more professional than the other. The other looks like a college kid threw it together, and some marketing guy said “let’s throw as many resources on the home page as possible, so that people will be sure to visit the site every day, just for the education.”

I’m a Kroger fan as far as grocery stores go, and Albertson’s has been through a lot lately from a business standpoint. But if I had nothing but the website to go off of, I’d pick Albertson’s everytime.

The importance of design can be summed up in comparing these two sites.


8 responses to “Battle of the Grocery Store Websites

  1. I’ve never heard of anyone grocery shop based on the store’s website. I thought shoppers liked fresh fruit and some grade A meat – what a crazy marketing tactic.

  2. CWD – good point, although I don’t think any business can overlook the importance of their website these days. For most, it’s the first step in the buying cycle.

    My point here isn’t so much that these websites are going to change my decision on where to shop, but from a branding perspective and overall impression, I’m more impressed with Albertson’s. And if you’re going to build a website, you might as well build a good website.

  3. What can I say Brett, “You’re so wise. You’re like a miniature Buddha, covered in hair.”

    Thought you might like to have that quote one more time on your blog.

  4. Few – thank you, may I have another? Normally I would delete that crap, but it’s hard to turn down such a sincere compliment.

  5. Give me good food at cheap prices, and I am there. I cannot eat websites.

    As far as “branding” goes, I usually get the generic – it’s the same thing, just cheaper.

    Brett’s new job: Building websites for local farmer’s markets.

  6. Although it maybe true the food shoppers are not likely to base buying decisions based on a website, a growing number of people will use the site directly for pharmacy needs. Also, investors and potential employees (management not baggers) are influenced by how a company tells its story and presents itself online.

    Bottom line, design does matter even for a grocer.

  7. CWD – I’m not disagreeing with you. But we all are subject to some degree of marketing, or else we’ve been growing our food in our back yard or going to the farmer’s market for everything (and there’s even marketing involved in that – heck, it’s in the name). You might choose a grocery store cuz it’s close (placement), it’s cheap (price), it’s got unique items (product), it’s got good people (service) or you’ve got a coupon (promotion).

    Ron – I agree with you. A website can help you or harm you, but it rarely does nothing. So design it well.

    CWD – I’m worried about you buying the generic stuff too, thinking it’s all the same. But that’s another post . . . .

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