6 Reasons to Drop a Blog’s Feed

As bloggers, our subscribers are the quarters that keep this jukebox running. So it comes as no surprise that are grins move beyond ear to ear when a new subscriber pops up in our stats. Gaining a steady reader is the ultimate stat, and so harvesting more subscribers is the real thing that separate the blogging men from the boys.

At the same time, there is nothing as demoralizing and painful as losing a subscriber. With that said, here are the things that most consistently pop up as reasons I will drop a blog’s feed, in no particular order:

  1. Your posts are too long. As a writer, it’s easy to think that writing more is writing better. But as a reader, especially a blog reader, I want to get in and then get out. Trim down on the copy, and split the long posts into two or three. Bite-sized is better.
  2. You don’t post enough. If I’m going to subscribe to your feed, be sure you’re sending me something on a regular basis. Otherwise, you’re just wasting space.
  3. I was misinformed. All blogs are subject to the rogue topic from time to time. I might read a post on your site that interests me, so I subscribe. After time, though, I realize what I liked about your blog is more the exception than the rule, and your daily updates on the cattle industry are nowhere near as interesting to me as that funny YouTube video you posted once.
  4. You’re misinformed.  I’ll give any topic a shot, but if your posts show me over time that you really don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m outta here.
  5. Too many links. If your blog is more of a link farm than it is a newspaper column, it’ll get old quick. Who has time to explore all of that?
  6. It’s just not working out. Like any relationship, time often lets you know when enough is enough. There’s no reason, no logic behind it. But it’s obvious that what you’re dishing out is not what I want to put in the pan. Nothing wrong with it, but it’s gonna happen.

What makes you kill a feed? What do you do to foster more subscriptions on your blog?


3 responses to “6 Reasons to Drop a Blog’s Feed

  1. what about “it’s not you, it’s me”

  2. Great tips Brett. I try to take the one about not having posts that are too long to heart but I know the ones on my blog are still too long. Gotta keep workin’ on that.

  3. Moth1 – we can still be friends.

    Tom – I think that’s what we all struggle with. I’m certainly not immune from it. But if you start noticing the bloggers you regularly enjoy, I bet you’ll see this is a common denominator.

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