55 Ways to Promote Your RSS Feed

RSS iconBrett’s note: The post below was not written by me. I’m just trying out a new blogging service called Bligter. It basically gives you a chance to receive posts and put on your blog on a regular basis so you can keep the content going. I’m not sure I’m too crazy about this approach, but lord knows I get stuck in a rut from time to time. Anyway, here’s a pretty good post just to try it out with:
It is commonplace now for bloggers and website owners to have RSS feeds to distribute the content that they provide on their site. Many people keep track of the number of subscribers (I know I do) and wonder why their feed is not doing so well or why no one is subscribing. This has been the case for me, with the subscriber rate for Detangled varying between double and single-digit subscriber numbers.

The number of RSS subscribers you have is important because the more subscribers your feed has, the more visitors your website will have.

“A high subscriber pool can increase visitor retention, monetization and activity on your site as well.”

To help all of us out who would like higher subscription rates, the folks over at DotSauce have weeded through almost 100 RSS directories and stripped out the inactive, slow, poor quality sites. The 55 directories that were left are featured in a post at DotSauce and are active directories that receive visitors and submissions daily. Most of their links even go straight to the submission forms on those sites.

If you are in need of help increasing subscriber rates on your RSS feed, I highly recommend checking out this resource. With a little bit of time and patience, you should see things start picking up as word of your blog feed spreads.

Please, as a courtesy for this post, subscribe to the Detangled RSS Feed.

author: Detangled # via: bligter.com


6 responses to “55 Ways to Promote Your RSS Feed

  1. Hello Bret, I’m not a regular, just came around to explore.

    I don’t really like the idea of bligter as this post seems mostly advertisement.

  2. Stavanger – I kinda get the same feeling. I mean, it’s cool to share content, but I guess it’s just as easy to write a sentence or two and just link to the article anyway.

  3. Brett,

    stop being lazy.

  4. To me http://www.bligter.com looks like a pretty good idea. Not just because you can get a post any time you like (the content and of it is your choice) but because it could be great for me as a blogger, I can get a better distribution of my blogposts and some inbound links. Well done guys!

  5. Marta – I think you’ve nailed the real value of Bligter, as fas I can see. It’s definitely helped my traffic that last few days, just due to the strong headline, I assume. But it’s gotta really be helping Detangled.

  6. Here’s another list of RSS feed directories. There is about 80 of them.

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