Blazers, please take Oden

Greg OdenWith the NBA draft in the extremely near future, I wanted to dedicate a post to state some “blazingly” obvious advice:

Portland, please pick Greg Oden with your #1 pick.

I know Durant is going to be great. I know he’s had a great workout. I know he’s quick, and a great shooter, and played in a strong conference. I know all of that.

But I also know that more NBA teams complain about not having a quality big man than don’t. Both Oden and Durant are going to be great, but you can’t have them both. Pick the big man and get what so many teams struggle to get for years and years. Either he serves as the foundation for your team, or you trade him down the road for some solid players.

Just don’t be tempted by Durant. As good as he is, you’ll find other players to play his position that are almost as good, if not better. Odens are rare.  

2 responses to “Blazers, please take Oden

  1. Sportsattitude

    It is fun to have options in life and Kevin Durant surely appears to be a great one. However, ANY team selecting #1 would have to take Oden. As a lot of the “experts” keep saying, you can’t teach a man’s size. He seems trainable, willing to listen and learn, and will be a plus off the court as well (especially for that city which can use all the off-court positives it can get).

  2. I like the “you can’t teach a man’s size.” No one is saying Durant won’t be a great player, but the sure thing here is that Oden is big, and has impressive potential. You gotta go with that.

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