5 More Tips on Purchasing Domain Names

Today’s guest post is handled by David, also known as the Jack Bauer of Search Engine Optimization. David often freelances for Raesea Internet Marketing and has 5 more tips here on purchasing a domain name. See his original 5 here.

  1. Don’t go with the misspelled domain name.
    One strategy that people use is to go with a domain name that is misspelled like laons.com. Do you really want this as your homepage? Do you want your business to be based on a word trick? Yes, it might work but the chances are slim and it might be a big waste of time.
  2. Don’t be afraid to go with a short word that doesn’t relate to your business.
    We’ve all seen examples of this and how it does work for other businesses. Think about Amazon, Google,Yahoo, etc. They are easy to remember and easy to type.
  3. Purchasing a domain name of a famous person doesn’t always payoff.
    This used to be a profitable business strategy. Using a famous persons name as a domain name and then trying to sell it to them. Lately, we have seen where celebrities are just buying something close to that instead and leaving you with nothing.
  4. Don’t use that extra word.
    Be careful about purchasing that domain name jklj;now.com or jklj;live.com. Users typically forget to type the now or live and end up visiting a competitor’s site instead.
  5. Don’t spend hours and hours thinking about a domain name. It’s not the end all. Put some thought into it and search around but don’t think you have to pick the perfect domain name because honestly there isn’t a perfect domain name out there.

Want 5 more tips? Here they are.


3 responses to “5 More Tips on Purchasing Domain Names

  1. I heard about people buying misspelled domain name in order to capture some web traffic of the actual site. Have you ever tried it and does it work?

  2. You can get traffic…but if your website isn’t about what they were looking for then most of that traffic will bounce and that’s not going to help anyone.

    Now, if you create a site that provides info on a subject and get the misspelled domain name…you might get some traffic if you optimize the site for that misspelling.

    A better idea is to try and predict something that will become popular and get a site up about that topic.

  3. I’ve always been hesitant myself on going after misspellings of domain names – it seems like a bit of a waste. Maybe the better approach is to make a page with plenty of keyword-rich content including that misspelled word. That way, the search engines find the misspelling, but you don’t have to worry with the domain name.

    Any thoughts there?

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