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London 2012 Olympics logoThis is what happens when well-meaning designers go bad. Real bad.

Thanks to Gary for his interesting take (which is far too forgiving), and for pointing the way to Seth’s post on it, which is a bit more on-point, I think.

This is a logo, believe it or not. Probably the worst one I’ve ever seen. And someone was paid a lot of money to come up with it.

And it’s for the 2012 Olympics.

I honestly get confused when reading through all the mushy quotes in this article about it’s release. I understand how designers can appreicate certain creative elements that the rest of us don’t completely understand. But someone has to put their foot down and scream “This is crap – do better!”

Prediction: the logo changes before 2012. It sucks too bad to ignore.


2 responses to “Branding, Design, Blah Blah Blah

  1. Since this was logo released I have been reeling. The branding of an Olympics is, in my opinion, the best design job ever. And for the life of me I will never know how this one is so bad and how it got through.

    Now Brett, you must have some repressed anger about an experience with a designer (or designers), because in this post, again you lump designers into one heap. Well – as a creative professional (and there are many designers who agree) this logo is crap. And any time a designer tries to feed you the hooey that we “can appreciate certain creative elements that the rest of us don’t completely understand” make sure you spit it back in their faces.

    Yes, it’s true that, as a designer, I hope to elevate people’s consciousness of design and beauty. Yes, I often build things into design that another designer will get a kick out of or will appreciate. But it should never get in the way of communication and (you’ll love this) sales. You heard it: designers sell stuff – it’s what we’re paid to do. And no matter how beautiful or witty the design – if we don’t sell stuff with our work, we’re failures.

    The 2012 logo is successful in one thing: it unifies the world (and design community!) that it should be scrapped.

  2. Dennis – I love you.

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