Am I a Girly Writer?

Thanks to Ron for passing along this little time-waster: The Gender Genie. Basically, it takes samples of your writing and tells you if you write like a man or a woman. I picked 10 random posts to see how they ended up.

I’m a little worried about my results . . . .

  1. If It Ain’t Broke . . . = Female
  2. 10 Marketing Tips for Gym Owners = Male
  3. Lebron James Screwed Up = Female
  4. Is Your Marketing Half Full = Female
  5. Return on Attention = Male
  6. Norv Comes Out On Top = Male
  7. Here’s Feedback on Feedback = Male
  8. What Are You Really Buying = Male
  9. Get Grumpy and Get Stuff Done = Female
  10. Stinky Hands = Female

So when it comes to writing, I seem to be equal parts man and woman. Which means I’m a shoo in for anyone looking for a hermaphrodite writer. Or better, a “hermaphrowriter.”

How about you?


One response to “Am I a Girly Writer?

  1. hermaphrowriter – love it 🙂

    Happily the longer posts I tested were testosterone laden. Some of the smaller ones came up a bit girlie – but they say you need >500 words for a valid result… (my excuse, I’m sticking to it!)

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