The 2 Most Productive Things You Can Do

Here they are:

  1. Do this and go turn off your MicroSoft Outlook email notification icon.
  2. Read this.

It’s amazing how easily we show up to work and basically respond to what we get in the inbox. I’ve been trying hard lately to only check my work email 3 times a day, but it’s tough to stick with it. The good news is, it seems to work as far as productivity goes. Give it a shot.

It turns you into a proactive worker than a reactive email responder.


4 responses to “The 2 Most Productive Things You Can Do

  1. OK, challenge accepted – I will only check my emails three times a day next week.

    PS – Great article by Tim Ferriss, thanks for the link

  2. Excellent tip, Brett. I’ve been doing a version of this (just closing my laptop, which is where I get my mail) for a while. It’s a hard habit to start… but well worth it.

  3. Bruce – Ferriss has quite a story. I think he’s still in his 20’s, and he just released a new book.

    Dennis – it’s sad how hard it is to do, but amazing how well it works.

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