Jon Corzine: Leading By Example?

The pastor at my church just sent his weekly email newsletter, and it’s such an excellent story that shows the importance and the challenge of learning from our mistakes. It centers around New Jersey governor Jon Corzine’s recent admittance to speeding excessively even though it almost cost him his life. Here are a few interesting links to the story. 1, 2, 3.

We all lead by example.

You often just hear this statement used in a positive sense of someone who leads a team by going first, getting their hands dirty and sharing (and exemplifying) their experiences. But that’s not the only time it happens.

Whether you set a good example or a bad example, you are leading by that example nonetheless. And we all have people that look to us for leadership, whether it’s employees, church members, your kids or the other 4 on your pickup basketball team.

What example are you setting?


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