Hatred in Universities for Christians

Very interesting post at ChurchRelevance.com on Evangelical Christians Disliked by University Faculty.

I don’t always know how to take stats like this. On the one hand, it seems like just another stat that’s probably been blown out of proportion. On the other, I find it odd that  “Evangelical Christians were the only major religious denomination to be viewed negatively by a majority of faculty.” That’s pretty substantial.
I have a feeling it links back to something inside most of us that says faith is the opposite of knowledge. In other words, if you have faith in something, then, in a way, you just bypass the need to understand and for logic.

For some reason, the faith of Christians is often viewed by society as this type of uneducated type of faith, whereas other religious followers,  such as Muslims or Buddhists,  are often viewed as having a faith that is scientifically spiritual and somewhat mysterious, and therefore OK in society’s eyes.

What’s your take on it? Why do you think faith (esp. Christian faith) is often seen as intellectually weak? Is there someone to blame for it?


2 responses to “Hatred in Universities for Christians

  1. I would imagine that the main reason that most faculty view Evangelical Christians in a negative light has little to do with faith and a lot to do with actions. While at a secular university in Georgia, I took a couple race philosophy (where the teacher was a lesbian/femenist/atheist) and a few other classes of similar content and instruction and my faith and principles therein were never looked at as unintelligent, but respected and listened to by those in the class, professor included. I have taken note that a great deal of Christians are highly confrontational and defensive in classes such as this where staunchly differing views of touchy moral and ethical (and even scientific) arguments are presented. Christianity is not an unintellegent faith, and most Christian ideals on such matters can be heard and respected if presented in a rational, compassionate way. When Christians begin to look ridiculous and stupid is when tempers flare and it becomes angry religious rhetoric instead of a genuine, rationally conversed understanding of faith.

  2. Chris –

    You’re so right, and you said it so much better than I could. Christianity is actually a very intelligent and even scientific faith. It’s how the faith is represented by its followers that makes all the difference. I will say that I feel as though more Christians are accepting that we live in a fallen world and we must interact with it, therefore it makes good sense to have an understanding of our faith on both a spiritual AND an intellectual level.

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