Office Pranks

I think everyone can appreciate this little gem, the Office Humor Blog. Thanks to Write On for passing it along.

I’ve seen the foil cubicle done at my office. My office was actually plastic wrapped once. Good times.


6 responses to “Office Pranks

  1. Putting ink from a stamp pad on the receiver of a colleague’s telephone was one of my earliest, and best, pranks. He walked around with a purple ear for several hours and couldn’t work out why people were laughing at him.

  2. That one is good – and easy. I’ve always been a fan of having random people I know call someone on their birthday that they don’t know and wish them a good one as though they are lifelong friends.

  3. What about convincing an extremely insecure male colleague that his attempt to de-stress by attending yoga sessions would end in tragedy when they go to the “nude phase”. He never went back.

  4. Scott – that’s just borderline mean. But still funny. That’s what he gets for exploring his feminine side.

  5. This will touch on two of your posts. We used to PAGE one of my old bosses with phone numbers to female escort services that came from the Yellow Pages in the phone book. Here’s to finding a good use for pagers.

  6. CWD – that’s the best one yet! That’s good use for a pager. Maybe they aren’t so bad.

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