Closing Thoughts on the Mavs

I’ve been silent on the disappointing end to the Mavs season so far, but I guess it’s time I get my thoughts out on the table. So, here are some observations after the series with Golden State.

To start, it sucked.

The Mavs looked scared, and I really don’t know who to blame that on. I love Avery to death, but I’m starting to wonder why he didn’t do more to get his team on track during the series. I mean, to just sit there and watch them heave up 3 after 3 (and miss, of course) was depressing. It’s not their game, but it’s like they got to the playoffs and just forgot what got them there in the first place.

A few other observations:

  • I hate to say it,but I think the Mavs glory days are over. They should’ve won the whole thing last year, and they didn’t even show up to the playoffs this year. The team is getting older, and I’m tempted to think Dirk has peaked. Don’t get me wrong – I love Dirk, but I’m wondering if he really has a chance to improve a great deal from where he is now.
  • With that say, I would build my new team around Dirk and Howard, consider Harris and Diop, and get rid of the rest. Stackhouse is old, Dampier is a bust, and Terry is a mirage. The Mavs need some youth in there if they wanna keep it alive.
  • Everyone keeps saying the Mavs need a point guard, but I think Harris could be the man if they just handed over the torch to him.
  • There is no “D” in “Dirk.” Irk looked like a confused little boy on the court most of the time against the warriors. If he’s going to improve, that’s where it’s gotta be so he’s such a liability out there.
  • Nellie has found his team. When you coach a system as strongly as he does, you usually need a team that is hungry, under-estimated and not necessarily as talented as everyone else. Because then they buy into the system. He didn’t quite have that in Dallas, but Golden State is perfect. They’re like a pack of wolves, working together the way they did. And they got the Mavs so off their game that it makes you realize just how important a coach can be when he has a team that listens.
  • We need a post player. In the worst way. We give defenses a big break by not requiring them to concentrate on a guy at the post.

3 responses to “Closing Thoughts on the Mavs

  1. how can you call Damp a bust? he was awesome sitting on the bench with that pad on his shoulder. He was so good that he didn’t even play. AT 10 million a year, we are getting a bargain.

    No way the Mavs can move Terry…they just signed him to a huge deal last off season. Funny, how things change in a year. They should have drafted Milsap.

  2. Speaking of sitting on the bench, where were George, Buckner and the rest of the role players during the playoffs? They were keys to keeping the Mavs going all year, but it’s like the whole strategy changed in the playoffs.

    Which you gotta think is Avery wigging out, right?

    With Terry, I think you have to ask if you can get more out of whatever you’re paying him. And that could be someone else, even if they’re not worth the money – they just need to be more worth it than Jet, cuz he ain’t worth it, either.

  3. I agree on Jet but I just don’t think you will be able to move him and make your team better. You would have to take on a big contract that probably isn’t to a good player.

    I’m bitter about Buck…i thought he would do better this season but he looks like he has lost a step and settles for too many 3’s.

    no doubt Avery was out-coached.

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