Link to Curt Schilling’s Blog

Curt Schilling has been in the news quite a bit lately, and come to find out he’s a fellow WordPress blogger. It’s pretty fascinating reading through it, especially lately with the “un-retirement” of Clemens and his hot sports opinions on Barry Bonds breaking Aaron’s record.

I’ve always liked Schilling, both his skills and his attitude.

I’ll have more to say in the next week about Clemens, Bonds and some other sports topics that I haven’t gotten around to lately.

9 responses to “Link to Curt Schilling’s Blog

  1. Schilling is a bald faced liar and a non-denial denial steroid apologist and hypocrite. His Mr. potatohead SI interview betrayed his Congressional testimony. I wonder how his steroid task force is doing?

    He cursed Jose Canseco for whistleblowing his MLB income machine and praised Mark McGwire. No he cursed Barry Bonds—then apologizes after ESPN/George Mitchell/MLB attorneys scolded him.

    Hey Curt–go hide behind ALS as Tony LaRussa hide his crimes behind ARF. (animal rescue foundation)

    We already know that all MLB players are on drugs. And are not very bright.

  2. michael mckenna

    when you testify under oath in congress,or court you can only testify to facts not opinions. shilling only said what he knew about the subject. at least he had the stones to testify.

  3. That why we konw he lied.

    He said he never saw a syringe in 17 year in the MLB.

    That is a direect lie.

    In addiction, Scilling made massive accusations in his SI interview where he claimed to know people who doped. He copuld not know that, then deny it to Congress.

    It hardly matters, Congress was well ware that all NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB athe;ltes are pon steroids, cortisone-based steroids and amphetamines.

    It was all a big theater act. As if Congress did not script the entire TV show.

    Congress was bluffing the public and they NEVER followed througfh with sanctions.

    Barry, Roger, Albert, Cal, Ken, David, Ryan, Jason, Mark, Curt, Jose—they are all drug cheats.

  4. I still think it’s amazing what Bonds is doing. He doesn’t hit very many cheap homeruns, meaning that if steroids gives you 15 more feet on a homerun, his hits are still homeruns no matter what. Also, if everyone else is on the stuff (including pitchers) then it kind of evens out in a strange way. It’s funny that Canseco may have been telling more truths than anyone else in this whole thing.

    I could care less about schilling or what he says. It’s great that he has a blog though.

  5. Schilling never discussed pine tar or corked bats.

    What good is the creep? He is the Sgt. Schultz of Boston. See nothing, hear nothing, knows nothing!

    No steroid advice, no pine tar, no ALS tips.

    Just marketing crap.

  6. Winstolv – it’s clear you are no Schilling fan. The thing that gets me is what you said about MLB – they have done nothing. Selig is a horrible commissioner. It’s not his fault that players have cheated for years, but he does have something to do with ignoring it to the point that it was seen as an acceptable part of the game.

    Moth1 – It’s never good when Canseco is the honest man of the group. Good point on the 15 feet added for steroids. However, I think the bigger issue might be how they might have added to his longevity. Plus, I bet he has up to 50 home runs that didn’t clear the fence by more than 15 ft.

  7. Maybe he does. but how many pitchers throwing to him were on stuff? I bet you could make a case that he got out 200 times because of juiced up pitchers. And some would argue that if steroids do what they have done to guys like Alzado then they would be doing the opposite to his longevity. Think about Mark McGwire? It didn’t help his longevity and it didn’t help Canseco’s…or Juan Gonzalez.

    I’ve heard the longevity argument before and to me it doesn’t jive with the rest of the steroid argument. If Bonds has been juicing since, say 2000, then wouldn’t his body be breaking down? and yeah, I said “jive”.

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  9. All MLB atheltes are REQUIRED to use steroids.

    Bud Selid is a used car salesman.

    MLB owners sold their soul to ESPN/Disney and the steroids and corked bats are here to stay.

    Schilling to Clemens to McGwire to Ripken. They all dope and lie.

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