Weekend Reading, May 4 – 6

Here are a few links worth a read:

  • Newspaper circulation: List of the top papers in the country. The Dallas Morning News had the biggest dip. I ended my subscription about 2 weeks ago, but I had no idea it would have this kind of effect.
  • Amazing Advertisements: Great samples of creative ads, especially of the grassroots style. My favorite is the dropped calls billboard.
  • Name a New Product from 2006: 81% of consumers could not mention one top 50 product released in 2006. I’ll probably have more on this alarming stat later this week.
  • Great quote on keeping humble
  • Look! Here’s a pretty good daily dose of Seth. What makes people point at you in a way that makes everyone else look?
  • Counting Clicks: Pretty good summary of web traffic stat programs. Thanks to Steve Rubel for pointing the way.

2 responses to “Weekend Reading, May 4 – 6

  1. Hey, who needs the Dallas Morning News when you’ve got Brett’s Blog. The Amazing Advertisements pretty flippin sweet. I like the Superman one and the Mr. Clean one. If only the Dallas Morning News was paying attention…

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