10 Marketing Tips for Gym Owners

Joe BonamoA few weeks ago, I ranted about my gym, the Ranch Health Club in Valley Ranch.

In that post, I detailed the many things the club is doing wrong and how it was setting the standard on how not to run a business.

Since then, it hit me to maybe try to be a part of the solution, not just complain about the issue. So here it goes.

First, the new owners at the Ranch are now in town and going full force, which is a good thing. At least there’s a vision now. They’ve already put on new vinyl on the machines, painted the whole place, added a coffee machine and implemented a “free Margarita Thursday night”(?). That last one caught me a little off guard, but if it works, so be it. These new owners also own a few other gyms in town, so I have to assume they know what they’re doing. And you can definitely tell they’re cracking down with the staff.

Anyway, with all this being said, I’d like to take a shot at giving some ideas on how the Ranch or any gym can grow their business a little more. I’ve never owned a gym, and I’ve never worked in the industry. So some of the things I might suggest might either be gym-owning 101 or so outrageously out of the question that you won’t be able to close your browser fast enough. But, I am a gym attendee, the person you’re trying to impress, so maybe I can offer a thing or two that could help.

  1. Let me try it out.
    I hate gyms that make me pay for a single visit. If I’m thinking about joining your gym, I need at least 2 weeks to figure out if I like it or not. Not just one visit. And I shouldn’t have to pay for it. In fact, give me a month free. Just charge me for the card. Or a very small fee. You see, if you can get me hooked on your place, it’s going to be a lot harder for me to let you go. And, because you’re giving me that first 2-4 weeks so cheaply, it’s going to keep me from going somewhere else. Let me sample what you’ve got.
  2. Have a referral program.
    Most gyms do this, so I won’t go into detail, and I won’t act like it’s a revolutionary idea. But just make sure people know the full details about it, and that the reward is significant.
  3. Have a loyalty program.
    Don’t get caught up in getting new gym rats that you forget the old, loyal, 4 times a week gym rats. This program is much more important than any other marketing program you have. If you treat your top 10% of your customers right, they will take care of most of your other marketing for you. Come up with programs to make them feel appreciated. Free t-shirts. Got extra services at your gym, like massage therapists, supplements or a Smoothie King? Give them a coupon for one of them. Keep the people who love you in love with you.
  4. Find what makes you different and shout it from the rooftop.
    This is marketing at its most basic form, but find out what makes you different from 24 Hour Fitness and put it in people’s face. In the case of the Ranch, my impression is that its a more serious workout facility. It’s not a pickup joint, and the layout is much better than 24 Hour Fitness. It also has top-notch trainers (or at least used to – see below). All of this breaths a certain brand experience.
  5. Treat your trainers right.
    If you’re going to allow trainers into your gym, get the really good ones. The ones that do it for a full-time living, not the ones that just like working out so they figured they could make money showing other people how to do it. In the past, the number of impressive trainers at the Ranch is what really impressed me about it. I have never used one, but just seeing them there, knowing they are the real deal made me feel good about being at the Ranch. Rumor has it that the new ownership at the Ranch is actually going to charge the trainers more than they have been to use their gym. Which is going to drive the full-time trainers away to another gym – it’s their livelihood, so they have to. I think this is a huge mistake. Your trainers are your endorsers, your spokespeople. I would charge them less than I used to (they kinda fall into that loyalty program group). I would do everything I had to to keep them there, and not look at their fees as a money-maker, but look at the memberships they drive as my money-maker. That would only make them feel appreciated and possibly attract more great trainers if you needed them (which would then bring their clients, etc.).
  6. Leverage your trainers – have events.
    Lots of trainers are interested in doing more than just training. Many like to teach. Can you give them the opportunity to do it? Set up events to talk about nutrition, strength training, specific exercises for sports, stress management, weight loss, organic foods – ANYTHING. The wellness industry is huge, so capitalize on it. And invite the whole community.
  7. Build a great blog.
    In my mind, this would take any gym to the next level. Let’s say you have 15 different trainers. Plus you and your team probably know a thing or two about health yourself. That gives you 20 or so people who could contribute to an amazing blog. Think about it – daily exercise tips, diet and nutrition tips, wellness, weight-lifting, sports, ANYTHING! Plus, it provides a great way for you to communicate what’s going on at the club. But most importantly, it builds a community among your users with the staff and trainers. Which will only feed more loyalty. And when they’re impressed with what a trainer writes, it will only lead to more training enrollments. Then, of course, some of them will email a link along, which will only feed more referrals. Which all leads to more business.
  8. Build (or find) a great website.
    Don’t let this intimidate you. But if you want to succeed in any business today, you’ve got to have a passable website. The secret for a gym is to load it up with services, like diet trackers, workout trackers, etc. But don’t build it all yourself – programs that do this are a dime a dozen online. Find one, partner up with them, and let them do the work. You just link over to it. For some of it, you might need to charge, but for a lot of it, you can just claim that it’s “part of the membership fee.” It will make a huge difference. Have lots of pictures, be clear on your prices, advertise any promotions and make it easy for someone to find you. Web-surfing is just part of the buying cycle now.
  9. Get involved with the community (this is my wife’s idea – it’s a good one)
    Work with local businesses, apartments, associations, etc. and offer special rates for their employees/patrons. Find out who’s new in town and give them a month for free. Or a free training session. Or a free 1-hour massage (they probably need it after moving in). The smaller your community, the more important this is. Make sure you’re seen as a foundational part of the area, and people will appreciate that.
  10. Buy people back.
    If someone leaves you to go to another gym, give them some really good reasons to come back to you. If you’re a good gym, chances are they are regretting their decision. Figure out what the obstacle is that would keep them from coming back, and address it. It might cost money, it might not. Figure out what makes good business sense for you, and do it.

BONUS TIP: Remember my name. If the guy working the front desk remembers my name, you’ve got me. Do whatever you have to do to find someone who can do this.

My wife and I both have other ideas, but this is enough for now. If you’re a gym owner or trainer and like at least a few points you see here and want some help marketing your business, please contact me. I’d be glad to help as much or as little as you’d like.

And let the record show that we are still fans of The Ranch. That’s why I thought I’d stop complaining and start helping.


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  1. how about letting guests in for free instead of charging 10 bucks for one freaking workout!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Moth1 – sounds like a wonderful idea. Although I’m sensing your bitterness.

  4. Well, I know you’ve got “Psycho-power” so you’re a 1/4 of the way there. I just joined LA Fitness, so we’ll see if I can transform into a manly man in 12-14 weeks or so, that’s my goal… Check my blog in August…

  5. Great ideas!
    Now I’m building a gym, and your advices are helping me.

  6. This article is great! I really like the point of leveraging your trainers. It is recommended to have a training program for club personal trainers to show them how to sell. Most trainers are teachers, and don’t care to sell. However, selling is the key.

    Personal trainers should read this report on marketing personal training to discover 5 cash killing mistakes trainers make.

  7. Jim – thanks.

    It only makes sense to leverage your trainers – they are one of the best things to differentiate your gym. Selling is the key, but I think most of us hate a salesy trainer, too. So you have to find a balance there.

  8. These are all great marketing ideas and you will see these same ideas put in place at The Ranch. I am the owner of White Rock Fitness, Inc. and just recently took over The Ranch. I would say 8 out of the 10 tips above we already implement in our other clubs and you will see the same thing at The Ranch. Thanks for taking your time to mention the progress that has already taken place but I promise you we have only scratched the surface and I hope you enjoy the improvements we make. It is members like you that make everyone else’s experience memorable. Please fill free to get my email from the club and send me any ideas you have in the future, I promise they will not fall on deaf ears.

    Thanks, Corey

  9. Corey – thanks for the response, and for all the obvious improvements up at the Ranch already. I figured these ideas weren’t all that original, but at the time, they seemed like a stretch for the Ranch. Thank goodness you guys have taken over – I didn’t want to switch.

  10. Wow, you hit the nail on the head. Every time we ran a member survey, at whatever gym I was at, these were the main complaints. Unfortunately the almighty dollar reigns over all at whatever cost.

  11. Melissa – So by almighty dollar, you’re meaning that management was not willing to invest in the improvements?

  12. yeah, i heard things are goin downhill at the ranch even with new mngmt. i heard they are on their 3rd GM, since April!!! Kinda says something bout who’s in charge of decisionmaking!

  13. Lori – I haven’t heard the rumor about the GM. Actually, I haven’t heard anything in a while. From my perspective, things seem to be getting better, although traffic is still kinda low. I know they’re starting new classes (I’m not a “class” guy, but I know a lot of people are, so that’s good). The only thing that scares me is that they might be increasing prices a bit.

  14. Better than the doors being locked, Lori.

  15. a friend of mine actually works there, so the members are the last to know usually about most things:( and they are on there 3rd operations manager to boot….just an fyi-time will tell

  16. Lori –

    Well, I don’t if that’s good news or bad news. Obviously, it sucks to keep shuffling through leadership. On the other hand, if the leadership is wrong, then you’ve got to change it. It’s not gonna get better just keeping it the way it is.

    Not to get too businessy on this topic, but I wrote this post along those lines with more of a corporate paradigm, but I think it applies here, too:

  17. Brett,

    I somehow got to this website and thought it was/is very useful. I have been taking Advocare since 2001, so I actually knew who you were. I also produced a fitness show that Dr. Stohs and Dr. Goldberg helped me with. It ended up not getting aired but I did make a fitness dvd out of it and i have then a few minutes for bonus.
    You did a great job with AdvoCare and I know whoever you are working for is lucky. I live in Coppell and knew a few of the trainers at the Ranch a few years ago.
    I am inthe fitness/wellness industry. I train privatly (go to houses) and have a fitness facility I go ot off the Toll-Way and Lovers along with trying to build my website up.
    Just wanted to say hi and I will come back again to read more. I am trying to get better at marketeing and advertising, so this site will help. Be blessed!
    Brad Linder

  18. Hey Brad – thanks for visiting. That’s pretty impressive that Dr. Stohs and Dr. Goldberg helped out.

    Thanks for the compliments – my years at AdvoCare were great, and I’m still absolutely addicted to the products.

    Good luck!

  19. Disgruntled with THAT CLUB

    The last time I went inside that club I had to wear sunglasses! I heard that they have no intention of reducing that light! Although they have replaced old tv’s, due to the lighting and so much glare you can’t even see them clearly! They also had cleaning people clean the equipment during operating hours with extremely strong cleaners that literally made me light-headed (they’ll spray the cleaner on the machine just inches away from where you’re working out)!

  20. Disgruntled – it has gotten pretty bright in there. I think they have the TV thing figured out now, but it’s well-lit, to say the least.

  21. I’m defenetley looking for someone that could sell me nutritional suplements on a real wholesale price or even closeouts.

  22. I couldn’t agree more. I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in exercise science, earned the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s certification, had three years independent experience as a trainer, came to The Ranch, and built my clientele up to 35 hours per week. It was a lot of work just to have 75% percent of them leave due to gym conditions when their contracts were up. Getting new clients was then almost impossible as no one wanted to join, (prospects experienced extreme stench before even getting through the front door due to sewage leak) and rumors circulated of the whole place going down. I always saw The Ranch as a sort of elite club, but management tried to play the “24-hour” game, and wanted to compete on price. They should have instead focused on quality, and let the people who hate the big corporate gyms come to them.

    My .02,

    Thomas C. Jensen, NSCA-CPT
    Jensen Fitness Management

  23. To All Valued Ranch Members,

    We are starting to near the end of remodling and want to hear from you. We still have yet to complete the spin room but should be completed with in the next 2 weeks. The new equipment has arrived and the rubber floor should be in with in the next couple of weeks. The last thing on the list to remodle is the pool area. Which we are targeting everything to be complete by the begining of January. Please let us know of anything that you would like to see improved or done differently.

    To respond to a couple of the blogs above.

    Yes the lights were exteremly bright but I believe we now have that resolved.

    As for management, we have experienced some unexpected turnover. This is something we try at all cost to not experince and at all of our other facilities, fortuntly have not had to experience. I place all my value in people, I believe that the people we have put in place at The Ranch were all very talented, and great people we just failed in seting them up for success. We will continue the prosuit in finding someone that is a great fit for the club and will return The Ranch to its glory days.

    As for turning it into a 24 or a LA, which both offer very beautiful clubs, this will never be our intention or desire. We pride ourselves in becoming the community health club the residents can pride themselves to be apart of. When taking on this challenge of turning the Ranch around, we knew that it would be no quick fix. We put in place a plan that was more than 15 months and now 6 months into the project we are staying right on track with what we had forecasted.

    I thank everyone that has responded to this blog and look forward to reading more of your thoughts. A special thanks to you Brett for starting it all.


  24. Corey – thanks so much for getting on here. I think you can see that, for those of us who have enjoyed the Ranch for some time, we like hearing your plans.

    Also, the renovations are looking nice.

    From a marketing and customer service standpoint, responding to this post is a most excellent decision, and thanks for getting involved in the discussion.

  25. Corey – had you ever been to Ranch in its heyday or had you come from out of town? If you had been to Ranch in its heyday, the club now is NOTHING like this. They had TOP trainers there, they had Lynn running aerobics, Patty in charge of marketing , fairly consistent GMs, Johann in charge of training who did a good job. You/ we have NONE of this now. In addition the club never has ANYONE in it. The energy is gone and has faded. Ive been a member of Ranch since Jan 2002. I trained with Chad Hackler there from July 2002 – Dec 2006. He was/ is amazing, when you lost him and people like him, I feel, you lost everything (including the likes of Lynn, etc.) I would highly suggest and encourage you to GET GREAT TRAINERS back. I dont mean people who took cooper fitness certification. I mean people like CHAD HACKLER. Charge them next to nothing for them to train their clients there to get those client memberships and people they refer and on and on. Feel free to email me. t.decicco@verizon.net. I can tell you now, that when my membership is up next June’ish, unless things are drastically different I will be leaving the Ranch for good, which makes me so sad. That gym used to be so fun – and great. Tracy

  26. Tracy –

    I couldn’t agree with you more on how big a deal it was/is to have lots of great trainers. And I’ve never used a trainer. I know Chad, too, and not seeing him around up there, as well as 10 other top-notch trainers, has taken away a little bit from thinking you’re at a real special place, whether you took advantage of the trainers or not.

    For the record, I just renewed my membership at the Ranch, so I’m still hopeful. Plus, I think they’re making strides; I think some of us might be stuck in ‘good ol’ day’ syndrome, which we’re entitled to.


    I am currently in the process of taking over the Fitness Director position. I had no clue that this club lost such value over such bonehead and careless mistakes.
    I really would like to come into this club and help bring it back to life, but I need YOUR help! I will take any and all advice to heart, so please let it pour.

    I would appreciate all comments/questions/concerns sent directly to my personal email to ensure that it will be received.


    Thank You All so much, look forward to hearing from you and I hope to see you at The Ranch.

  28. Ron – thanks for stopping by.

    First, I just have to say that I think the Ranch has made improvements, especially in appearance. It’s not where it used to be, but I’m still working out there, and enjoying it.

    I think the main thing I’ve seen from all the feedback is the lack of the previous trainers. Whether you used them or not, there’s something special about them, something that made you think better of the Ranch.

  29. Guys as I read these remarks and sometimes hostile commentaries I R sorry! In reflection of my time in the health and fitness industry it was the most enjoyable of the career options I chose. And as each day passes slowly I reflect and wish I had stayed within this line of work only. If the truth be known this constant thought of what if, is literally killing me ( and those around me!) So my very basic message is cant we all get along and be glad you have a nice gym to use each day and the freedom to use it whenever you choose. Not only every other friday from 2-4 on non-visiting days. Ya`ll R so lucky. Pimp C is free at last, how bout some love for ol James Mc, and how bout them Cowboys!

  30. James – thanks for this incredibly rich comment. Yes, long live Pimp C.

  31. I’ve worked at some high-end NY gyms and some of these are significant, especially the first one.

    Once you’re a member of a gym the road around the beaurocracy is traveled by the $8 an hr employees. If you schmooze (genuinely, & no managers) you will probably be able to get whatever you want at that location. Most of the people working there are college students or those that do it for the free membership; they could care less about the bottom line.

    They also are the ones who will let you sneak your friend in.

    Be especially kind to them and they’ll be kind to you (and they’ll remember your name).

  32. Ahh, yes. Sneaking into the gym seems like such a major score, right? I think the sneaking the friend in is a good example – it only helps nurture more prospects.

  33. Wow, that’s very great idea. your advices help my gym a lot! Thank you

  34. All these brilliant ideas make me want to start my own club. Brett, is there anything you don’t know?

  35. James – in short, yes. But thanks for the obviously sarcastic flattery.

  36. Again, the traffic on this site is overwhelming. How do you manage to keep it going?

  37. Corey,
    I’ve been a Ranch member for almost 4 years now and I’m not sure you know this but our car was broken and items stolen while we were working out at the Ranch… only 2 days after Christmas ’07. They are smashing members’ windows and stealing whatever they can. I was working out last week and lo & behold I saw a young lady in the parking lot uncontrollably crying – seems they smash her window and stole whatever they could. I don’t know how many times this is occuring in the Ranch parking lot but can someone please do SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Can we say – surveillance cams… real ones, fake ones, who gives a doggone but somebody needs to do SOMETHING!!!

  38. I found this blog by accident while searching for the website for a co worker to join the Ranch, but I guess in 2008 having a website for a company is too much to ask for. Our company pays for our memberships which if I didn’t get that benifit I would not be working out at the Ranch. If the air conditioning is not fixed soon and we have been dealing with it for at least 3-4 weeks I will stop going. If I wanted to work out in a sauna I would run outside and be miserable. A staff member told me last night that it has all been paid for we just have to wait a couple more WEEKS for the contractor to come. If that is the case don’t charge my company for my membership for the next month cause I am not going!

    On a Positive note, I am working out with one of the trainers, Brittany, and she is awesome. I am having great success with her and the best part is that she is always there so holds me accountable for doing the cardio that I have to do on my own @ 5am and in the evening, which again is miserable due to the lack of air conditioning. Along the lines of the post above Brittany trains the lady who’s car was broken into and took the time to help her get all her cards canceled and made sure she was okay to go home. That is more then any staff member at a gym has done that I have ever belonged to! If she ever left there is no way I would continue working out at the Ranch even if they fixed the air conditioning!

  39. Gaffled – I’ve heard about this latest window-smashing spree. My wife actually saw a lady (maybe the same one) in the parking lot recently discovering it for herself. It’s sad for the Ranch, and to be honest, it’s sad for Valley Ranch.

    JS – great comment. It’s been almost impossible for me to workout there lately cuz it gets so muggy. I don’t understand why it takes so long to get AC (or a website, for that matter). However, your praise of Brittany is great.

    It’s almost like there’s always 2 steps forward and one step back, not to quote the clueless Paula Abdul.

  40. AC UPDATE: From what I am being told the new unit will be arriving toward the end of April when the contractor comes with a CRAIN to put the unit on the roof of the gym. Give me this contractor’s phone number and I will call him to complain. If you see someone passed out with the treadmill still on that’s me just turn the belt off and dump my bottle of water on me…THANKS 🙂

    Has anyone who ever had their company pay for their membership have a problem when their company benifits kicked in that you were still being charged by the Ranch for your membership even though your company was paying as well. Apparently this has been happening to me for the last 2 months after being assured in January would not happen. In talking to some of my other co workers who use the Ranch they are having the same problem. Sounds a little SHADY!!!! Maybe in addition to the AC and a working water fountain the Ranch needs an accountant.

    Not to continue this but I just came from the gym and I should be totally filled with endorphins and happy (although I did attend an awesome yoga class with Shannon) but due to the amount of time that I have been spending at the Ranch I have started to see how the business is ran and not ran. That being said apparently less attention is paid to the Ranch under the new ownership due to the lack of funds the Ranch produces. If that is the case why don’t we all do the Ranch a favor and find a gym that wants our business enough to care about the bottom line. I am sure if I talk to our benifits department and tell them what is going on the Ranch will loss our company as a client.

    Brett – is there anything we can do as a group to make some changes becuase I would rather pay for a memebership to have access to a gym with more amenities then stimulate additional frustrations that now we are looking for to vent about while creating the screen play for the new hit comedy “The Ranch”

  41. I just found this website by accident.. I am a freshmen in college, and I am the sales manager at the club I work at. It is a small locally owned and opperated club. The ideas are great, and being young it was good to see all these on paper because I do a number of these already.. My biggest piece of advice to anyone is phone time.. If you take the time to call the person they will like that and will be more interstead in joining the club, because they will understand that you care.. One thing I anm going to try is a “margarita monday” There is a dance class that members are reluctant to try because its hip hop dancing, and I really think its a good class and we are on the verge of cutting the class for lack of attendance so I guess this will be my last ditch effort.

  42. Hey fit for life. Why don’t you try nobody cares Wednesday.

  43. OK – I understand the frustration, JS. I do. I don’t know how long you’ve been going to the Ranch, but I have to reiterate that it’s definitely gotten better since the new management came in. It’s still not where it used to be, and maybe that’s just not gonna happen. But it’s better.

    However, the lack of AC SUCKS!

    My hunch is that the mixup on your fees is more a lack of responsibility than a motivated act of shadiness.

    I don’t know what we can do at this point. I personally don’t want to go to LA Fitness or 24 Hours – they’re too crowded and, relatively speaking, much further away.

  44. Fit for Life – Margarita Monday?

    OK, I don’t get why margaritas and gyms go together these days. The Ranch does this promo once a month, too. Why do you want drunkards working out in your gym? Doesn’t that just lead to your maintenance folks wiping up more puke?

    If you want to do a freebie like that, why not free smoothies or protein shakes? Or energy drinks? Something that makes sense with the fact you want people to be healthy.

    Don’t get me wrong – I like a good margarita as much as the next guy. But not at the gym.

    Willie – how about Come Up With Something Better Saturdays?

  45. What happened to Fit For Life? Did he fall into the magarita machine? JS, have you passed out on the treadmill yet?

  46. Yeah, JS – we need an update. I saw the other day that A/C will FINALLY be up and running on Cinco de Mayo. I’m betting against it.

  47. That is probably the safest bet you could make.

  48. No AC for 3-4 weeks? You obviously haven’t been a member for very long! Try a year!! It works now, but for how long? And what will the excuse be next time it goes out??? By the way, what’s with the new rumor that the Ranch is up for sale again? I don’t like 24Hr Fitness at all, but I’m hanging on to that membership due to the most recent rumors that the new owners of the Ranch are now looking to dump the club!! Want a suggestion? Let the Cowboys and other professional athletes start using the gym again in exchange for monthly or quarterly autograph sessions- it’s worked in the past and is great PR for the gym!!!

  49. I have to say how sad it is that the old Owners of the Ranch Health Club completely Ruined the reputation for the new owners. It seems no matter what improvements they do none of you are satisfied. Yes ,they are moving a little slow. But they are getting things done. And yes!!! THere is a Brand New Customly built AC unit on top of the building. They did this SO IT WOULD NOT STOP WORKING IN A YEAR OR SO!!!! So stop with the comments ” It works now, but for how long”. Advant now has a contract with the ranch to come and check on the unit and do normal maintenance on it. Another fact for you, Turns out the old AC unit was the wrong type and the filters were never changed. (thanks to old managment). The Tanning beds had the wrong bulbs in them forever and caused one to short out (thanks to old management. The problem has been corrected. You should remember the improvements they are doing to the club. How you no longer have to stretch on a floor covered in ants. So instead of posting such negative comments try helping improve your club with suggestions. What do you want to see in the club by the end of this year? What do you want to see go? No the club is not the same when it first started out ( again thanks to the old owners) but at least the new owners are trying to do something about that. Stop promoting the Ranch with such negative views or it will never get better. I thought this blog was supposed to help be apart of the solution instead of the problem. Nice work guys

  50. What? –

    From the tone of your comment, I have to guess you either a) currently work at the Ranch, b) are married to someone who does, or c) are extremely fanatical about the place.

    I actually agree with you for the most part. I was up there working out some more the other day and thinking that things are actually looking pretty good up there. Especially with AC. The new management seems to be doing pretty good, and the crowd is picking up.

    Thanks for clarifying everything – I’m hopeful for the Ranch, and I definitely don’t want to go to 24 Hour.

  51. i, too, stumbled upon this blog and have to say hi to all the “old crew”. I started working at the Ranch on the first day it opened back in 1997 and LOVED my job and all the people i had the privilege to intersect with.

    Ac problems aside, that job was ALWAYS about the people! It was sad that the new management decided that the trainers who’d invested their lives in the Ranch weren’t worth keeping when they decided to cut our pay in half (penalizing part-timers). I had tried to apply for the fitness director position in order to RE-develop an amazing club personality but lost out to a clearly inferior candidate who evidently didn’t last too long.

    I’m now the assistant training director at Golds Gym Preston Center and love it…but i do miss my beloved Tracy D and all the other wonderful members that made that 10 years of training at the Ranch so wonderful.

    So to whomever (old school Ranchers) reads this blog…May God bless you and all your future endeavors! The pleasure of your acquaintance was truly mine!

  52. Your name says it all……. Hack!!!!

  53. Hackler – First, it’s good to hear from you. Hope all is well in your world (sounds like they are). I’ll be posting my latest opinions of the Ranch soon, but I must say that they are making things right.

    Willie – I think you’ve got some hidden angst you need to work out. Try a margarita, since you seem to like them so much.

  54. If you remember it was Fit For Life who liked the margaritas so much. You should be glad I visit your blog, nobody else does.

  55. I guess I should be glad; I can’t figure out why I’m not.

  56. Guess what??!!! There is talk of changing the name of the Ranch to distance themselves from the bad rep from the old Owners. I have also heard from some of the staff that there is and idea floating around to turn the Ranch into a Gold’s Gym??? Now that sounds like a great Idea. Golds Gym has such high standards for their gym’s so they would bring alot of upgrades to the club. Another rumor is along with the city blends going in to where smoothie king used to be, They will add fitness gear (shirts gloves pants etc etc) to be sold.

  57. What? –

    OK, you’ve definitely got the inside track. You need to identify yourself . . . .

    I’ve never been to a Gold’s Gym. Always thought of it as the place for meatheads, but sounds like an OK idea. Changing the name might help, but I also think if the current management just keeps doing what they’re doing, it’ll turn around.
    Activity is already picking up. Changing the name might make folks think it’s changed ownership again.

  58. The ranch is here to stay! Too much has been invested in to the club for the new owners just to dump it! As far as the Gold’s Gym Idea goes i think it would help lift the Place again the franchise holds High standards that the new ranch staff will have to meet.. i think they are doing a great job. From sales to operations to the trainers they are friendly and listen to the comments and suggestions that we have. Lets try and help our gym grow and be successful deep down we all love it and don’t want it to go anywhere so lets spread the word and get our club rocking again!!

  59. If I only had a flux capasitor I would send you all back in time to the “glory days” of the Ranch. You guys need to live in the present. Let it go, man. That place will never be the same.

  60. Why – OK, so are you with Gold’s Gym? Personally, I hope they don’t go the Gold Gym route. I’m liking what they’re doing now. Just do more of it, and keep doing it, and word will spread.

    Willie – dude, you are the quintessential armchair blog commenter.

  61. Where is everyone. This blog is like the Ranch, no one goes to it.

  62. I’m here Huckleberry

  63. Please DO NOT change the name to Golds’ Gym- I don’t care if the owners have bought a Golds in another area of the Metroplex.. The fact that The Ranch is a neighborhood gym and free of the stereotype of corporate gyms, is a huge draw for me and other members- it’s picking up, slowly but surely- I’m starting to see some of the old faces coming back.. The club has a long way to go but I think it would be a huge step backwards to change the name to something else that’s already known as a “corporate” gym.. That’s what I hate about 24Hr Fitness and the reason I’m cancelling my membership with them!!!

  64. “”””
    Willie Randolph III // June 17, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    If I only had a flux capasitor I would send you all back in time to the “glory days” of the Ranch. You guys need to live in the present. Let it go, man. That place will never be the same.

    See comments like this are so stupid. Seriously you shouldn’t post anymore. It’s like I said before THE OLD OWNERS messed up the glory days. THE NEW OWNERS are trying to fix their bad reputation. I cannot stand to see these negative comments. If you don’t want to see the gym do better (leave) Its that simple


  65. Ok after that last comment let me move on lol. I still think the gym would be ” a neighborhood gym”. Simply because it would be the only Golds Gym in the city. At least thats what they said they were working on. They want to see memberships go up. They want to see higher standards put in place so the members have something to brag about. This gym will stay a “family gym” simply because of the staff in place now. I like going their mostly because they remember my name each and everytime. And they make conversation- rather than the usuall Hi! Bye! come back and see us routine! I seriously doubt this club will go corporate. But then again if the club makes more money…. you see better improvments.

  66. fly on the wall

    Who is your all time favorite Ranch personal trainer? Why?

    Who is your all time favorite Ranch group exercise instructor? Why?

    What did/do you like best about the Ranch?

    What did/do you like least about the Ranch?

    What’s the one single thing that has always made the Ranch stand out?

    Do you still workout at the Ranch? Why or why not?

    What do you predict for the future of the Ranch?

  67. Willie Randolph III


  68. What –

    I have no doubt the gyms will continue to improve, regardless of its name. I have to agree with Kat, though, when I say that there’s just something about the Gold’s Gym brand that seems to take The Ranch in a different direction. It might be a better one, but it is still a very different one. I might not be typical, but when I think Gold’s Gym, I think Arnold Schwarzenegger in his glory years. I think meatheads, bulging vessels and lots of Zubaz pants.

    Willie – Stay asleep.

  69. It’s a good thing I did wake up or this blog would have never had another comment. Talk about zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  70. you guys missed Tony Romo @ the Ranch Friday Night!!!!!!!

  71. Control yourselves guys. There are plenty of unproven overrated quarterbacks out there.

  72. Where is everyone. Maybe you should have a Ranch nostalgia party to remember the good old days and create some excitement. Maybe Tony Romo would come.

  73. Wow willi you sure are a super negative -mean spirited person. I really hope you find your heart. Your like the Grinch who stole Christmas.

  74. btw did anyone realize that Mr Brett Pierce has been working out at the club for a few months now? I had to blink twice before I realized it was him. I don’t know how I missed it hes a giant

  75. Once again the Ranch blog is at an all time high. Hey Word. Are there any other guys at the Ranch you want us to look out for. It seems that you are the authority on them.

  76. I cant agree more. I am a gym rat who doesn’t get any love for dragging in my 5 roommates, signing them up, and keeping them motivated.

  77. i liked the 10 tips at all but these tips will not work inside all the gyms all over the world because there’s a big diference between the gyms and the quality of gyms from gym 2 another ..so maybe we can work more on some marketing tips

    many thanx

  78. When you have a trainer come in there and train one of their clients does that require the client to be a member at the gym?

  79. Building a great website that sells will help us all in our beloved Gym Industry. Keep the info coming in regards to digital marketing.

  80. I really enjoyed reading all the above. i would have liked to hear some different ideas i could use as a personal trainer to sell myself though. Im really on the interent trying to find a site that gives me ideas for different member oriented challenges or events.

  81. You mentioned websites…if any gym owners out there want to list on my site I’m offering detailed listings for free…let me know

  82. Brett these are all rock solid ideas for gym owners. I have one more that I hope will be helpful.

    Gym owners can dramatically and quickly increase profits by being creative and pro-active about ancillary products that are perfect for their client groups, and which will help to attract even more people to the gym, for special events, and for membership.

    Most gym owners don’t make anything like the profit that would compensate them for their expertise, for the money they’ve put up, for the risks they take, or for the incredible commitment they have to other people’s health and wellbeing.

    I hope this helps:

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