NBA Referees Hatin’ on Black Players?

Referee and Tim DuncanHave your read this study yet? It’s been all over the news since yesterday. Basically, a recent study shows that white referees are more likely to call fouls on black players than white.

This is the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever heard of. Here’s why:

  • Has anyone else noticed that white guys don’t get much playing time in the NBA? I mean, most people have to play at least 5 minutes just to have the chance to foul someone in a game.
  • Could it be that black players do foul more often? I know the black guys I play with around here are tougher than most of us white guys. And that’s a compliment.

Luckily, many NBA players have already spoken up, showing they’re thinking along the same lines.

Interesting that the study came out during the playoffs. I’m SURE that wasn’t planned.


6 responses to “NBA Referees Hatin’ on Black Players?

  1. I’m in complete agreement. This looks like a case of massaging the statistics until you get a desired result. In this case, you’ve got an “objective” report with a ton of subjectively weighted factors, which in the end make the study subject to subjectivity, not objectivity. I now condemn my reply as a subjective, non-objective, riddled with non-productivity conglomeration of subjective words.

  2. Few4th – thanks for your subjectively objective comment. This subject is the object of many subjective comments.

    In all serious, it does seem like making something out of nothing.

  3. I think the interesting part of the study is that they didn’t determine anyone’s color by race. only by visual evidence. basically, they looked at a picture of a guy and said he’s black or he’s white.

    I think that’s good in this case study because they are trying to see through the eyes of an official and that was their goal.

    People have made fun of that particular part of the study but I personally think that part was smart regardless if it was intended or just laziness.

  4. Moth1 – So what does that make Matt Barnes?

  5. White Men Can’t Jump

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