Lebron James Screwed Up

Michael Jordan and Lebron JamesWhat’s the worst thing you can do if you enter the NBA with the promise of being “the next Michael Jordan?”

You wear his number 23.

Lebron, why didn’t you pick your own number to make famous, to immortalize in NBA history? Now every time we see you, we’re reminded that you’re supposed to be as good as Jordan. And while that might be great, it means you have one more thing to overcome before people start talking about “the next Lebron James.”

Point is, if someone else already has full claim of something (a number, a color, a position), let them have it and find your own. Otherwise, you’ll always be just a second-hand version of the original.

And I like Lebron . . . .


8 responses to “Lebron James Screwed Up

  1. I know a guy who met Lebron after a game at a party. Lebron had two women on each arm. I would guess they did not care that his jersey number was not unique to Jordan’s.

  2. CWD – Good point. I doubt they cared much as to what he was wearing at all.

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  4. kingjameskingjamesfanan

    I think LeBron’s jersey number is not an issue. I mean LeBron is a very talented player. When he gets in the court and play i don’t see MJ in the court. I see LeBron reliving the legend of the great Michael Jordan.

    LeBron forever

  5. King James – I’m not saying it makes him Michael Jordan. I’m saying it only supports everyone trying to make him the next Michael Jordan, when I’m sure he wants to just be Lebron James.

    For the record, he’ll never touch Jordan.

  6. he is very good player 🙂 😀 one of da best in NBA …. Jordan is Jordan…. James is James…. it doesn`t matter who is the better…. the GAME, i mean, basketball, at first place….. and star…. let`s play….. 😀

  7. Lebron is the king and jordan is a legend but lebron has the potential to become the next jordan

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