90 Days of Blogging: Lessons Learned

Well, Brett’s Blog is now 90 days old, and it has been one of the best projects I’ve ever done. And I’ve learned a lot. A whole lot. And I want to share (I mean, this is a blog, right?).

So here’s the plan: over the next week or two, I’ll post a lesson to complete the series of lessons learned. If you’re just starting to blog, or even if you’ve been doing it a while, this might be pretty handy. I’ll probably mostly share my mistakes I made early on, and keep making, and what I’ve done to at least partially fix them. Should be pretty interesting, but definitely too much for just one blog post. So, we’ll do it in parts.

In the meantime, here are some interesting stats and tidbits from the first 90 days of blogging. And, if you’ve been reading all along, thanks!

  • Total views = 4,862 (avg. 54 views a day. I don’t really know if this is good or bad. If anyone has some good blog stats to send my way and let me know, I would much appreciate it).
  • Total posts = 88
  • Most views in a single day = 272 (April 5 – I’ll tell you why in a later post in the series).
  • The post most viewed to date = CarbEase, Dr. Harry Preuss and AdvoCare (I’ll tell you why this was so popular, too).
  • Total Comments = 188 (again, don’t know if that’s good – I do know I wish I had more).
  • People who read via feeds = approx. 15-25 a day (this are in addition to views listed above). By the way, if you don’t use RSS feeds to read blogs, you’re probably wasting time. Here’s a great explanation of what they are, so check it out if you need to.
  • Total # of times my Dad has commented to something I’ve written about = 0
  • Total # of times my Dad has commented to something my friend Casey has commented = twice.

OK, that’s it for now. But here’s a question: which post has been your favorite so far? Check out the archives (“The Vault”) if you need to refresh your memory.

UPDATES – Links to the series:

Lesson 1 – Read to Write
Lesson 2 – Have a Plan
Lesson 3 – 9 Ways to Generate Blog Trafic Now
Lesson 4 – A Comment on Comments
Lesson 5 –  The Pitfalls of a Blog

9 responses to “90 Days of Blogging: Lessons Learned

  1. shouldn’t you be in bed with your wife?

  2. 90 days of good blogging, congrats! If you would like a link from Blog Potato.com, to get more traffic, you can request it in the About Blogroll post. Great Blog!

  3. Congratulations on your 90 day anniversary

  4. Harris – Well, yeah.

    Blog Spud – Thanks for the congrats. I’ll check out your site for sure.

    Clarkebruce – thanks for the encouragement. Good luck to you, too. (By the way, if anyone needs a freelance writer, it appears that that’s what Bruce does, so click on his link).

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