Weekend Reading, April 13-15

Haven’t done this in a while, but here’s some cool reading I did over the weekend:

  1. Gone in 90 seconds – Raw Stylus: We know first impressions are important, but I had no idea how important color was. Interesting data, especially for designers.
  2. Christian” Fundraising: a good opinion piece that uncovers some of the “less-than-genuine” techniques used by some ministries to raise funds. I have mixed reactions to it – on the one hand, if you can design something well, write something well, etc., then what’s wrong with that? On the other, if you’re doing some of it motivated by trickery, you have to wonder if God will bless it to the fullest. My favorite quote in the article = “Sadly, we wouldn’t even need fundraising if Christians gave as the Bible teaches.” Thanks to Desiring God for pointing this one out.
  3. Tony Blair and YouTube: Tip o’ the hat to Buzz Machine for passing this info along. You can tell Tony isn’t completely sold on this whole video conversation thing. You can also tell he’s scared to death as to what kind of response he’s gonna get. But I’ll hand it to him for giving it a try.

2 responses to “Weekend Reading, April 13-15

  1. Thanks for the pingback.

    Here is some really scary news for designers.

    It is a bit old but pre-dates by blog…..


    Chris @ rawstylus.wordpress.com

  2. This article makes me think of our church. We went through a time of bad money handling (a few years ago). But with no fake marketing stuff, we just prayed and put the need before the people. God’s paid down over $5.5 million of debt that we had in about 2 years. We’ll be debt free by July 4 2007 – praise God!

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