Small Business 2.0

We know that the web is changing everything, but I think it’s the most exciting in the area of small business. Especially mom-and-pop business. Seth Godin has a must-read how-to for how the smallest of businesses can take full advantage of it.

A few observations:

  • Design is important, but it’s also oversold these days. Just like musicians really don’t need a record company to be successful anymore, you don’t need a bigtime web designer to get your company online and functional. You might need them once you start doing more-than-basic stuff, but not to start.
  • The list is so simple. I’m gonna do it myself. The only thing I would change is I suggest using WordPress as your blogging service – it’s free.
  • Squidoo is a pretty amazing service (and another Seth Godin project). Spend a little time checking it out.
  • Don’t worry about doing it the wrong way – you’re not doing it at all now, so it won’t get any worse.
  • I can’t think of a business/church/charity/anything that can’t benefit from blogging.

2 responses to “Small Business 2.0

  1. Hiya,

    I’ve been following this blog for a little while and I’m impressed, as a marketing consultant, bloggers are my main source of news about new developments. I reccomend blogging to all my clients as part of a more social approach to marketing, and one that is ultimately more affective than standard blanket campaigns. The best part is, it’s free!

  2. Bridget –

    Thanks for reading.

    I couldn’t agree more on the importance of blogging for small business. Both to read them and to write them. If you were to offer most business owners if they would like the chance to write a regular column in a trade publication, 95% of them would jump out of their socks to do it.

    That’s what blogging offers, and it’s a lot easier.

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