1,000 Words

These pictures are actually probably worth more than that.

Thanks to Ron for these two pieces of pure genius. And thanks to the ever-popular Indexed blog for inspiring us all with the idea to begin with.

  1. For anyone remotely involved with a corporate blog (I’m in the midst of launching one for AdvoCare – stay tuned), this post says it all.
  2. For anyone as baffled as I am at how Sanjaya from American Idol is considered talented by the public at large, this graphic captures our grief and bewilderment.

6 responses to “1,000 Words

  1. Does anything good ever come out of Texas? If so, I hope good things come out of College Station – YIKES. What’s up?

  2. CWD – I think it’s gonna be alright. Other than Donovan, I think Billy Gillespie is the best coach available. I mean, he turned A&M and UTEP into pretty good programs, and they both sucked.

  3. CWD – Aggie land infiltrating the Bluegrass is gonna be interesting. By the way Skip, congrats on the addition. It’s apparent that you’re well blessed with a good grade of graphite.

  4. After going to the pep rally to see Billy G. (as he has affectionally been dubbed in the Bluegrass), I was very impressed. If he can stay off the sauce, I think he will be very warmly embraced.. but it’s really all about the W’s.

    JD – Thank you. I’m definitely sporting a #2.

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  6. Fitness Programs Dallas – thanks for the nice spam. I’m leaving it up just so people can see how sad your attempt at guerrilla marketing is. Your comment is just SO relevant to the post (I hope you sense the sarcasm).

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