Update to the Drew Brees Charity Golf Tournament

Hey all – for those of you who care and have been keeping up, just know the Drew Brees Charity Golf Tournament was an amazing experience, and seemed to go close to flawlessly. Unfortunately, I can’t upload my digital pics until I get back to Dallas (I’m still in San Diego), so I’ll save most of the details for that. But for now, keep checking The Professional Open homepage – results should show soon. I’ll give you a hint – the winner was an AdvoCare endorsers (and it’s not Drew Brees).

More to come when I can get my visual aids squared away –


4 responses to “Update to the Drew Brees Charity Golf Tournament

  1. dave and Cindy Reitzes

    I and my wife are advocare reps here in the dallas area and I would appreciate it if you could get in touch with us when you can.


  2. Can you provide a listing of some sort that shows other charity golf tournaments that you know of?

  3. Don’t really know of any others. I was lucky just to be a part of this one.

  4. Guess I’m already to late to attend this golf tournament.

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