Drew Brees Charity Golf Tournament

I’ll try to tell you this without sounding like too much of a namedropper or starstruck. In the morning, I’m on my way to San Diego with my company, AdvoCare, as we do our duties as the title sponsor for the The Professional Open. This is a golf tournament for NFL players put on by the Brees Dream Foundation, a charitable foundation led by Drew Brees and his wife Brittany. Update: Here is a post for the results.

These videos pretty much explain the whole thing:

I’m hoping to get some pictures during the week, so keep checking. Obviously, I’m pretty pumped about it, and pumped to be a part of the company that’s supporting something like this. Don’t think I’ll actually get to play golf (they don’t seem to need a guy who, on a good day, shoots 98), but it will be fun all the same.


8 responses to “Drew Brees Charity Golf Tournament

  1. Hey Brett!
    Saw you tonight rubbing shoulders tonight with Drew and the rest of the NFL players…..was that you that paid $2000 dollars for a football!!??!! JK….:-) I meant to say hi a couple of times and always got sidetracked….so hi tonight and I will see you Tuesday on the course. Thanks so much for all your gard work behind the scenes! Its people like you, in a company like AdvoCare that make it possible for people like us to acheive “life on our terms”!
    Blessings, Belinda

  2. Hey Belinda – I can guarantee you that was NOT me shelling out the $2k. It was an awesome few days – thanks for your help.

  3. hey man, i like what your doing. keep up the good work. “get moving, get ADVOCARE.”

  4. Hey AdvoCare – I love what you’re doing with your MySpace page!

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  6. Great Job for a Great Cause!
    I think Sports Events are such a good way to raise awareness and money for Charity.
    Good Going AdvoCare!

    Pune Golf

  7. I totally agree with Pune Golf. Sports are great to gather income for the one that need the most.

  8. Yep, Maria and Pune Golf are right, especially golf is great for raising funds for charity, hats off for a great cause !

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