Exercise Might Keep Your Memory Fit

You’ve heard of muscle memory, right?

Now, we’ve got memory muscle. A recent study is showing that exercise actually helps increase memory. Pretty fascinating, especially this line:

Small suggests that doctors may one day be able to prescribe specific types of exercise to improve memory.

So, don’t forget to exercise (pun intended – I can’t help myself).

6 responses to “Exercise Might Keep Your Memory Fit

  1. Fitfiend – thanks for the link. Seems pretty interesting.

  2. I believe in this. Keeping your body fit by exercising will surely make your memory fit and healthy too, since blood flows in your system very well.


  3. Kris – it definitely seems to be the case. I’m amazed at how many commercials I’m seeing these days for mind-exercising games, in addition to the rush of popularity for Sudoku and Mensa.

  4. Does this mean that fat people cannot remember things?

  5. They can’t remember to stop eating.

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