Supply is the New Demand

Supply and DemandWe’re starting to stray from the pillar of business that says that supply and demand are equal partners in a proven cycle that has the power to either explode or implode your business.

Now, in many cases, where your product and/or idea is supplied often creates the demand. The demand is becoming a result of the supply, or better yet, how it is supplied.

Get your product in the right mega-store, and it will sell. How often do you go to Target and buy something you had no intention of buying? The fact that it is there, staring you in the face creates the need.

Get your webpage on, and the traffic will start flooding in, exponentially. (By the way, you can dig this post while you’re at it . . . . 

Get your song on the homepage of iTunes, and watch it soar.

Get your book on Books – Bestsellers of and the sales will inevitably grow.

Get your video on this page and watch the views take off.

It’s even as simple as someone at work putting candy on their desk. You might not have wanted it before, and you might not have any reason to go to that person’s desk otherwise, but I guarantee you you’ll be visiting all day with your new desire for sweets. All because the supply created the demand.

So the question is where can you supply what you’re writing/selling/thinking/offering?

We’ll talk about the who and when in another post.


4 responses to “Supply is the New Demand

  1. Brett —

    What you’re seeing isn’t new. Fifty years ago, if you got your song on American Bandstand, sales soared. If you paid off the DJs (it was called payola) to play your songs, sales soared. If you appeared on the Ed Sullivan show, you were famous overnight.

    What you’re seeing is the emergence of new influencers (digg, amazon, iTunes, YouTube) — not the disruption of the unalterable laws of supply and demand. What’s really different is that gates to the influencing factors aren’t locked. That is, 40-50 years ago you couldn’t simply book an appearance on AB or Ed Sullivan show. Today, anybody can put what they want on YouTube, Digg, etc.

    There’s no ONE in control. That’s what’s different.

    — Ron

  2. Ron – great points.

    As far as proximity of location, I think it’s the diversification that is making things so different now. The web allows every single niche to have a substantial voice to those people who care. So it doesn’t matter if Ed Sullivan cares or not – you can find someone who does.

  3. Exactly my point (I think). Where as in the past, the Ed Sullivans of the world were the gatekeepers to what was hot, today everyone has a voice in shaping what might become hot. On the flip side…. it took Ed Sullivan years to become a credible source…with everyone contributing to youtube, digg, etc., it’s getting hard to figure out who’s credible and who isn’t.

  4. So now I guess the big philosophical question is . . . .do you have to be credible these days to have influence? I think eventually, you do, but not necessarily at the beginning.

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