Sampling: 3 questions to get you started

Drew tells us a great story of his grandma and sampling here.

Sampling of products has always been an important part of any marketing strategy, but it will become more and more important as consumers are more and more informed via all Web 2.0 has brought to the table.

So here’s the question: what are you sampling?

Some things are easy to sample – food, drinks, songs, software. Other things don’t seem as sample-friendly as others. But everything can be sampled, if you just push your thinking a little bit. But in a society where innovation and the product itself are more central to marketing than ever before, people will look for the proof in the pudding before they buy, not after they buy.

So figure it out. You have something to sample, to give away for free, to spark a conversation. Have faith in the mantra that “people buy what people try,” and do it.

Here are three main questions you can ask yourself to get the juices flowing:

  1. What is the primary obstacle that keep most prospects from buying my product?
  2. What is the best feature that keeps customers coming back to my product?
  3. How can I equip my customers from question #2 to talk to my prospects in question #1?

Once you figure out these answers, build a sampling or trial process around nullifying objections, amplifying satisfaction and facilitating customer evangelism.


4 responses to “Sampling: 3 questions to get you started

  1. Brett,

    Ah, I love that “people buy what people try!” Sampling is probably my all time favorite marketing tactic. The only way it doesn’t work is if your product stinks.

    Thanks for the link…glad to discover your blog!


  2. Love your blog, Brett. Found you quite by accident doing some AdvoCare research, and was gently reminded in the above post that I can tell people about it all day long but until I put it in their hands and their bodies its just talking. Always happy to keep connecting with people at the greatest health and wellness company in America!


  3. I enjoy getting free samples over and over so I do not have to spend any money. Ex. Hanging out in Sam’s Club for a couple of hours = lunch.

  4. Drew – thanks for the visit. And props to your grandma!

    Shannon – thanks for checking it out, even if by accident. As you know, sampling is especially critical for AdvoCare Distributors. Gotta sample that Spark!

    CWD – You should get your wife to dress up and take her to Sam’s for nice, cheap dinner. I think she’d really enjoy that. Nothing like a night full of freezer buffalo wings and some jalapeno poppers on big Sam.

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