Weekend Reader, Feb. 16 – Feb. 18

Great links and articles I came across this weekend:

  1. Great post from Mark Cuban on a spam email he got from none other than Donald Trump, looking for “like-minded” folks who want to get rich. Nevermind that Trump and Cuban are like Skywalker and Vader to each other. And nevermind that Cuban already has the money thing taken care of. It also shows the vast differences between how the two go about living and sustaining their brands.
  2. Ads on the outfield doors of Wrigley Field. Here’s a post from Phil in Portland with links to the two main articles on this whole fiasco. My comments are on Phil’s post, so I won’t repeat them here.
  3. Bad Apples in the Office. Interesting read on stats to back up why you love it when the office natzi is out.
  4. The New “M-E” generation: Pretty good article showing how advertising alone just won’t cut it anymore.
  5. Kim Klaver – Would you buy from a parapelegic? This is one of the best articles I’ve ever read on the importance of walking the walk as a marketer – especially a network marketer. For all my AdvoCare buddies, this is a must read. The post before it is really good, too.

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