Low expectations are no exception

Read this post from the Customer Evangelists. I didn’t even think it was possible for a flight to be late 100% of the time. Great observations on their post.

If you read the actual report, you’ll see this interesting quote:
The 20 airlines reporting on-time performance with DOT recorded an on-time arrival rate of 75.4 percent in 2006, down from their 77.4 percent mark in 2005.  These carriers also recorded a rate of 6.73 reports of mishandled baggage per 1,000 passengers last year, up from 2005’s rate of 6.64.  However, the total of 8,321 complaints about airline service the Department received from consumers was 4.8 percent below 2005’s complaint total of 8,741. 

So, they were later more often than last year, and they lost more luggage than last year, but not as many people complained. I guarantee you some marketer or exec with her butt on the line is turning this into a positive.

It’s not. It means you’ve conditioned people. It means people expect you to suck. It means your customers aren’t surprised that you didn’t keep your promise. And that’s never good.


4 responses to “Low expectations are no exception

  1. It’s what the LA Clippers sold for 25 years

  2. Ah yes, the Kansas City Royals of the NBA. Great at letting good young talent go. I guess they’re just now starting to think a little differently, and it’s slowly paying off.

  3. I think the Clippers are back to sucking. They have really underachieved this year.

    it’s like the Kansas City Chiefs…they are terrible.

  4. Yet, if they playoffs started today, they would be in. The whole league sucks.

    I will ignore your Chiefs comment.

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