Get Grumpy and Get Stuff Done

Higher Ground pointed me to this article, Grumpy workers are the best workers.

This is interesting, with lots of good talking points, but nothing substantial when it’s all said and done.  But it does prompt a few observations:

  1. “Happy people” are also often “Head in the Clouds” or “Head in the Sand” people. There is definitely some truth to those folks not getting anything done when it matters.
  2. Where you draw the line is between the people who do something about their work when they’re mad about it, and those that don’t. Lots of people complain – few people fix.
  3. Disgust is probably the best impetus of all. If there’s not at least potential to get pissed about something, you have to question your passion about it.

For the record, I am regularly guilty of all three above. So, I’ll try to get a little angrier, and we’ll see if we can’t make something happen.

4 responses to “Get Grumpy and Get Stuff Done

  1. as your smiley employee :o), I have to agree that this depends on the person. I’ve encountered entire herds of grumpies with very little progress to show for their agitated state. Which makes me wonder, does one grumpy cancel out another (maybe that would explain it)…

  2. Maybe we should try it . . . In the case of you, grumpiness is most certainly not required to be productive.

  3. There you go again Brett. Being too nice and one of those happy people.

    “the Jack Bauer of Search Engine Optimization”

  4. Ha! Have you heard the term “a bitching Sailor is a happy Sailor”? I guess it’s true everywhere! haha

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