Weekend Reader: Feb. 2 – Feb. 4

Here is some great reading I enjoyed this weekend. Take it or leave it:

  • You Are Being Lied To by Larry Winget. I think my favorite quote in this one is “I do more wrong before noon than most people will screw up in a week.”
  • Blogging the 2007 Super Bowl Ads. I haven’t read through all of this one yet, and it won’t be fully functional until Monday, but it’s cool to read reactions from some of the big dogs in marketing regarding certain ads. Seth Godin pretty much gave up from the beginning, and Tim Arnold is mistakenly fond of the Coke ads (I thought most of them sucked).
  • The Books in My Library are Gathering Dust. Interesting read from the Morning News about a high school librarian and how the library and love for reading the classics seems to be diminishing as our reliance on the web grows.
  • For Baptists, Spirt, Spirits Don’t Mix. OK, this one’s a little overdue, but it’s really funny. I love Steve Blow – an easy read of a great column.

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